Ninja Rescue

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Okay, its gonna go slower now. And holy crap there were some issues when I resubmitted. If the game hangs anywhere, please tell me! Also preloader should work. Boy did I learn some things today.

Prepare to rescue your girl from the hordes of relentless ninjas!

Throw your ninja star (or charge it to make it more powerful) to kill the oncoming enemies and to deflect enemy stars upwards. If you get grabbed, press the correct buttons to get away or you'll have to play a mini-game (which will give you more life if you win but hurt you if you lose). If you survive long enough, the boss will come out (when the red dot moves all the way to right).

Left, Right - Move
Up - Jump
J - Big Jump
K - Throw Star
hold K - Charge Star

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well its interesting. I like games that are way too fast so its cool, the idea of engaging in different types of battle was also a good idea. cool.

MrBobo64 responds:

Good, good. Thanks.

Let's see...

Let's go over the good features first. Good:
THere are special attacks...
There are surprise features like minigame: you have to wait and slash the opponent ect.

Bad features and what you could improve:
Most of the time there is no death or pain scene. I mean please animate one for the ninjas. People don't take hits just like that.
The minigames are way too hard for most to play. You have to react friggin fast.
Please add music and sfx.
Okay okay I'm not a real pro in flash but this is what a gamer wants in a game.
The game sprites are really confusing we don't know which is a power up or shuriken or whatsoever.
Either way it is a game that has a potential to be improved.
Hope this helps. :D
(Btw nice Pokemon hahahahaha! Lots of surprises in this game.)

MrBobo64 responds:

Their faces do change when they get hit, I guess its too fast though. There is music and sfx, I guess maybe you need to turn the volume up? Its not very loud. Thanks though.

Is there a way to win this?

Can you kill Dr. Octagonapus? It's a good game though.

MrBobo64 responds:

Yeah, just hit him a few times and then you'll go to a cutscene and a final minigame. Thank you.

loved it!

i love the randomness of the ff sty;e fighting and the shoot the targets tis awesome

and nice thouch on the super ninja star thing with the screen going along with it


MrBobo64 responds:

Oh thank you! I was hoping someone would see the mega star going. I'm glad you liked it.

Not bad

Fairly entertaining. The random battle thing was a nice touch.

MrBobo64 responds:

Thank you. Hopefully you managed to play between my last two uploads because something went terribly wrong. If you felt that something was really odd, then please come back and try it again.

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2.94 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2009
8:08 PM EST
Action - Other