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Here is my newest game Pixel Freeze. The concept is simple. Freeze the falling pixels. If you let more then 10 fall off the screen the game is over. Simple enough, right? Well there's more to it. There's a red pixel that will randomly pop up and unfreezes the frozen pixels. The game starts off easy but it doesn't take long for it to get really chaotic.


my score is 124, check the day, week and month tabs... my name is Marcineek at the scoreboard

Second on Refinement

I agree that the game needs more refinement. As it is, it's not... /bad/ per se, but it's not really too compelling yet.

I seem to have some difficulty actually tagging the pixels sometimes. It could just be me, but you might want to make sure the mouseover is registering 100% of the time. Additionally, make sure that backing out of the leaderboard doesn't put you back on the ad. I had that happen at least once. Something like that will really drive players away from repeated plays.

Refinement is key

Great starter game and a good concept, but elaborate on it and you can turn it into a really addicting game, perhaps powerups? also actually HAVE THE DIFFICULTY RAMP UP! if blocks fall at the same rate the whole game, it gets boring, let the blocks at a point (lets say score of 30) fall faster, then faster and faster. Possibly at a point have multiple blocks drop at once (100 pts). Awesome concept and can definitely be improved upon!


The game was okay for a while but it never really got very much harder and that made it extremely boring. I eventually just said "fuck it" and let a bunch of squares fall so I could submit my score... I ended up getting second place.

boring, un fun

To make it better, i suggest more of a challenge, and a less distracting background.
the concept could use tweaking too.

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3.03 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2009
7:49 PM EST
Skill - Other