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Tailgunner Lee Slaughter is on a bombing raid on Bangladesh with his crew, and has to shoot down enemy planes trying to intercept his mission. The game has power-ups and 30 levels. The power-up system is based on amount of lives, or "altitude" in this case, there's 4 different levels of power-ups. There's also 3 different boss-enemies. The game gets gradually more difficult on every level. Why Bangladesh you might ask, well because nobody from Bangladesh played my previous game, and the country has 162 million people, so unless this improves, the bombings continue ;>

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a good idea, but

it dosen't work as a 2d game sadly, not as a overhead shooter, maybe as a fps, controling the plane, and where your shots are going is hard, for me...


Nice game, and good job putting a twist on the usual shooter. If ya wanna make sum munny, add story (even a crappy one) upgrades, and a range of movement beyond left/right. Also, in between levels, if you are going to display an advertisement, add a "loading" bar. even if you don't need one. It makes it look like you put the add in there to fill a blank screen, rather than grubbing for cash, and you'll get higher scores.

New, but simple.

It's definitely taking an old standby and giving a bit of a twist to it, but it's too simple. You should try to do something with a bit more depth.

not bad

Liked the reason for the bombing!

Aight game, what's with the football music?

Lacked the ability to move up and down

Liked the twist on the usual firing from the bottom up concept