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Gravity Flock

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I wanted to make a gravitation simulation and played around a bit with it. I discovered that, with a bit of tweaking, it was controllable. I made this game quite quickly but it is surprisingly addictive once you get over the (arguably steep) learning curve.

I'd really like to hear what other people think of this and welcome comments. Most of all, I hope people will enjoy it!

NEW VERSION 2009-12-27:
- Fixed a couple of critical bugs that had crept in to the last update.
- Made the main engine much more efficient and fast with less calculations per second.
- Fixed a few non-critical but ugly things that had been bothering me.

NEW VERSION 2009-12-25:
Christmas fun, some sounds at last and a slightly tuned down difficulty level as well as the ability to keep playing after the time limit has expired. I hope you enjoy!

There is no sound in outer space... but some music...

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I just remembered I can review pretty lol. good game addictive it is, hope you make more like it 3 stars cause its kind annoying after getting five stars in not mention stars attracted to each other but its a pretty fun game I liked it

The graphics were just, okay, though they're really not too much of a factor in a game like this. While I think the background image does get the job done, I would suggest maybe an animated loop with stars twinkling, maybe a planet rotating, or even a UFO/comet shooting across the screen every so often -just to make things a bit more visually appealing.

The music was...tolerable. I honestly think some electronic-sounding stuff would have fit the "spacey" vibe a bit better, just my opinion, though.

Overall, this is actually a really original concept for a game; I honestly can't think of anything that's even similar to this. While the controls seem to be pretty responsive, it does take a bit of practice before you can get beyond even the first couple levels. (This was my experience, at least.) Not bad!

music sucked,

ho wait no the hole game sucked


Gameplay: 1
Music: -4
Controls: 5
Graphics: 2
Addictiveness: -3

-Add music
-Add a "Customize" feature, to change the colors and background
-Add a challenge, like make something you have to destroy before it destroys you
-Get rid of the time limit

mattfosho responds:

A minus 3 in addictiveness isn't good :-/
Too bad you didn't like it, maybe it takes a special kind of gamer to like this, one who grew up being constantly punished by games with unbelievable difficulty, one life, time limits, bad graphics, bad sounds and frustrating gameplay. If you grew up like this, then maybe you would be as addicted as me on this :)

descent idea but uttely is utter sh*t

This is probely the worst trash I've played. No music, no point and no good graphics to think of. It's your mouse guiding around some sh*tty little dots to a big squar. It is a piece of crap and I'd rather bath in nails then play this balls.

mattfosho responds:

Some hard words there.... It is not for everyone, it is more of a throw back to old school hard but rewarding games that I used to play back in the day. The lack of graphics and sounds was intentional to keep it pure but next version I will probably at least add some sounds. Have a good nail bath.

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2.46 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2009
2:27 PM EST