The Happy Dinosaur - Demo

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It got through with 3.03 - which is good but confusing, the previous version got through with 3.60.. and it had a lot less things than this version has..


Haay, this game has been in development for ages, yet only one level has been completed. The point of this game is, well, nothing yet, and I really need help from people for a story line..


So far, you can get several different talents, more health, more armour, several different skills also;

Vampire - You jump higher and have a seperate health bar. You also have a few bats following you around for the sheer hell of it. If you have only the main vampire talent you will gradually lose health from the daylight, unless you upgrade your vampire skill

Healing - Nothing yet, other than appearance

Fire - Nothing yet, other than appearance

Electric - Nothing yet, although when you press the SPACE bar a bolt of lightning strikes down.

To activate any of these skills, once you have them from the talent section, when in game click the grey circle in the top right hand corner, and click it.


I know many of the parts in this game suck, like the signboards, the messages, some of the graphics, but I will redo them as I go along.


Enjoy, feedback and suggestions would be GROOVY. Really, I need suggestions, like music to use from the Audio portal, level designs, enemy ideas, attack ideas - yes, this is a cry for help :P
I will credit you and your website when I finish the game, if I use your idea.

Any help would be fantastic, any help such as making level buttons, designing buttons (progressing to certain parts of the game, etc)


To get the key at the end of the level, go to the very start of the level, activate 'Vampire' form, walk as far left as you can and jump once only, then keep walking left. tada.


Have fun. With one level

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When is the full version being released?

3/5 and 7/10

As others have said, you have a lot of potential with this game. I remember playing the other release, and I was impressed overall with what it COULD be.

Suggestions: I'm going to skip my usual list mode of making suggestions on what to improve this time around. You said you need a plot? A story? Then ask yourself this: Why is Harry so freakin' happy? Maybe he averted the extinction of the dinosaurs (including himself) by calling on strange otherworldly entities...except now those entities want to rule the dinosaurs, and he just won't stand for that. Maybe Harry is hunting down and eating the Cthulhu gods to prevent them from ruling the dinosaurs. When he eats them, he gains their powers.

Just a thought. I mean, seriously, WHY is Harry getting fire powers? He ate Cthulga? Why can he summon lightning? What does it do? What is it's mechanic in the game context? Why can he become a vampire? You could go part Zelda, part Mario 64, part Castlevania with this, layering various roadblocks in all the levels. When you get power "X" you can return to the level and use it to bypass one of the obstacles, granting you access to another series of levels where you really NEED that power you used to access those levels.

E.G. Harry defeats Cthulga, eats him, gains fire powers. Returning to the first level of the game, Harry breathes fire on the thicket that boxed in a springboard and uses it to get to a higher platform where low and behold, he finds a door leading to another string of levels...the thicket and ice levels, where he'll need to use his fire powers to overcome enemies and obstacles, and also gain the powers of plant mastery (letting him swing from vines and grow thorny ladders to reach higher locations) and ice powers (letting him freeze enemies solid and later defeat some lava/fire monster that is immune to his fire powers).

Keep it up.

Can be one of the best games online

The first level is only the tutorial level, which is normal for a tutorial level, showing all the possible dangers and controls. I can tell this going to be a mario clone but it has additional stuff like talent points and dinosaur customisation. I hope its a long game as well as a good one, and I also hope that the dinosaurs graphics is a bit more refined. Due to all this stuff, this game has possiblity to be one one the best ever games online.

very good

i like it , u just need to improve the text in the menu screen and animation and it will be very good

good job

Pretty Good

I really like this demo. The one thing that I would like to see in the full version is that when a person changes into a different form like vampire that we would hear different music. The story is really up to you, other than that this game has alot of potential

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3.65 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
8:37 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop