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Asteroid Cleaner

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A game i created for a school project based on the original asteriods game. the game hasnt been edited
since i first created it however there is much i could have done 2 make it better. just a note that it can get extremely loud. im aware the game says space rocks and the title says asteroid cleaner, that would be because someone else, crazily enough created a game based on the original asteroids aswell by the same name, however his and mine differentiate which can be clearly shown when comparing the 2 games.

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Unoriginal, buggy, unfun, and easy

it was good

i liked it but the shooting of the tiny rocks where annoying because i look to the left and it goes past it.

I thought it was excellent!

I loved it!
At first I hated the question/login bit, because I was just gion round in circles!
Then I started playing, thought it was okay but thenn..... I came across a bit of a cheat! If you hold down right and space bar at the same time the ship goes into this rapid fire spin and you can shoot up the whole screen! Then while holding right and space if you press Z just before you get hit your shields will protect you so you don't get hit! WHOOO HOO!

hawkeye171 responds:

oh yes i no all about that cheat it was quite entertaining. i found it during the beta testing at skwl and it was much worse as the bullets traveled slower and u rotated slower thus making a bullet wall it looked quite pretty but in the end i could only speed it up 2 make it less of a cheat. and yea arent shields ment 2 protect u? be pretty bad if they didnt. oh and ur not the first 2 go around in circles ive had a few ppl do that. i did want 2 make a proper quiz where u had 2 get enough points to pass and then move on but i never got around 2 creating one.

Looks neat

But "I always lie" is not a paradox. The other statement is actually more of a paradox than that.

hawkeye171 responds:

really? but a pardox is a contradiction. i thought that if u said i always lie means that the statement is false as u dont infact always lie as u just told the truth. and that if u were lying while say that u always lie which means u are always telling the truth u infact contradicted urself by lying. i always saw the other one as mere explanation of how we learn from our foolish mistakes. oh well it doesnt really matter that question was put in there because at the time i didnt really have any questions to put in so i just went oh that will do and yea.

Nothing too new.

I can understand this may be a school project ; but the game itself isn't showing any novelties. It's good old asteroids once again with a bit of graphic enhancement. The sounds effect when you blow an asteroid are, as you mentionned, way too loud and really makes me want to close the game. It's a game, it's playable, but I can't really see the point of playing it.

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3.90 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
6:55 PM EST