The golden cookie

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Simple idea and gameplay but it was lacking somewhat in depth, i mean you didnt have levels or any sort of goal to achieve, just collecting as many cookies as you can. I thought this shows a lot of promise though, you should go back to this game and try hard at bolstering this in terms of replayability. Some music would also be good, a catchy little tune is all you need. The graphics were great though and i didnt mind the small sceen size. Overall a good job, keep working on it!

Small size.

I am going to have to agree that this game was too small in size. But, thats not the only thing, it got extremely boring quick. Now, the game was not all bad, I can tell you worked hard on the pixel art. And the animation, but the fact that there was only a couple things to do, (move away from the holes) and that being the whole game, that definitely hindered the scoring from me.

Some hints:
-Try to keep it more griping, so people want to play it longer.
-Make the game dimensions a good playable size.

Other then that, pretty good game.

Interesting game that needs plenty of work

Let me just say that I really like the look of the game, I don't know if it's the contrast between the pink pig and the gold background but I just love the look. That said, as fun as it was for the first few minutes, its flaws started to bring it down. The most obvious one is the screen size, it is unforgivably small, chief. Like I had to squint a bit to see the little pink pig. The other obvious one is the complete lack of sound, it would have been nice to at least put an 8-bit chiptune or something. Now for the less obvious ones, at times it didn't register some of the cookie collecting, I spent most of the game going through cookies rather than collecting them. Also, this game gets pretty repetitive after a while, the background doesn't change and all it does is speed up. Mind you, a lot of games are like this but without sound it just makes it a chore. This game has potential, it just need work. Peace out, good sir.

too small

if the screen was bigger that would be good
otherwise, this was ok

Why is it soo small? and where's the sound?

This game was poor, c'mon, let's be honest, it's boring.
The graphics do look good, but the screen is so small I it's of no benefit to anyone.

And there's no sound!?

The game play was poor too. I wasn't even sure what I was supposed to be doing?

The best thing I liked was that it reminded me of 'Spider pig'....

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2.71 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
1:07 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other