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Play as RIFT (Robotic somewhat Intelligent Food Transporter), a little machine with one goal: fetch cake for your master!

- Move with arrow keys.
- Grab boxes with S or X. Using S will allow you to turn around while holding a box, and X will let you move backwards.

If you get stuck, check out the walkthrough:
http://www.candystand.com /show-content.do?key=rift walkthrough

Three extra levels can be found in the Candystand version:
http://www.candystand.com /play/rift

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I liked it.

Kinda had a problem with jumping at first and at a few times (no complaints about jumping while holding a box, that was completely the point to not be able to jump as high).

My biggest problem was that for whatever reason, the right side of the screen couldn't be seen. Maybe the flash window (or something) was shifted a bit, maybe my system downloaded it wrong (or something). This made some levels a bit trickier or more misleading than required. However, I was able to complete the game without needing the walkthrough so I didn't take points off from that. Though it did make one level a bit annoying with having to guess there was a box offscreen and later a teleporter.

Only level I didn't like, though I'll admit it was clever was the level with the teleporting boxes you had to hop onto.

Nice platformer.

Solid gameplay, nice music and I love the fact that ur little robot dude looks like Johnny 5 Jr!

And Randax...people use anything they are good at to make money. Did you pay to play this guy's game here? No I don't think so...so STFU. How do you think they get the software/hardware needed to make good games like this. If you don't don't want to support independent developers and designers then don't...but don't score poorly because of that...this is a nice little game.

Awesome game.

Solid platforming puzzler. This will make front page soon no doubt.

Its pretty good - but too much is locked

Its a pretty good game, but taking off point because you actually so to pay for so many of the levels.

Fun and innovative

I like how some actual 'storyline' and characteristics have been made which sets it apart from the usual side-scrollers. I liked how RIFT made various comments while the levels were in progress and the little dance he does when he delivers the cake to his master. Everything else was well done.

I think it deserves a better score than it currently has at the time of posting. It has been undercredited right now.

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2009
1:17 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle