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Chaos Chamber

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--Photosensitive Seizure Warning--
Chaos Chamber contains graphic effects that may trigger epileptic seizures in a small percentage of players.
To help prevent this type of reaction to games please play in a well-lit room and discontinue playing if you feel fatigued or drowsy. Please refrain from playing Chaos Chamber if you usually die from playing video games.

This is my submission for my 21st birthday, and I've hidden several easter-eggs inside!
ex.(Check the' o' in Chaos) And look for sparkles elsewhere!

Chaos Chamber is an extremely challenging and fast puzzle game reminiscent of collapse. You must frantically break the blocks to avoid column lock-downs, and with over 40 levels of increasing action, this game will push your skills to the limit.

Pause with SpaceBar if your eyes need a break! Blinking at least once per minute is good for your eyes ;)

See the in-game tutorial for more info!

Please leave feedback I read it ALL! I'm just getting started on this series and I could use some bug reports if there are any (PM if it's an exploit please!) and I would also like to know everyones opinion on the general quality of the game if you've got the time (Made in one week!)

If you like the game please recommend it for puzzle collection! :D

Chaos Chamber 2 is either going to be more complex and logic based with more powerups and types of blocks.. Or it is going to be more frantic, with more fluid control and more action oriented gameplay. Voice your opinion on which you'd like to see if you have one.

Oh and don't spoil the secret shortcut locations for everyone if you happen to find all 7 ;)

You can Download the game here: http://cdn.mochiads.com/c /g/chaos-chamber.zip

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Tricky game

Now this is one of those types of games you really have to pay attention and focus on not always the idea but the idea behind this is tricky and I had fun with it the gameplay is really good and a fun game overall very nice game indeed I could see you adding some more flashy effects on impacts of things but overall a good fun game you have here even if a little tricky at times

More flashy effects on impact points


good for ym autism also i made it to level 12 before i got smushed lol

Trippin' balls

First try I got up to level 27, 200k+ score in the top 40 I believe. Pretty insane once you get to the moving pieces. My main complaint would have to be on level transitions it seems like a TON more shapes drop at once (which is probably intentional) which leads to some unavoidable column locks once you get later into the game. I was able to keep a fairly steady game until the moving shapes at which it became incredibly hard to focus and I began to click randomly sometimes. Really fun game, looking forward to the sequel.


I found myself playing this for a few hours.

Indeed it is a good remix of the older classic. Except you had a few touches of your own. The music went nicely with it and I loved how when the level changed the color did as well.
It can get a little boring at times, but it suprisingly gets better. The different balls that help you take out the others, the unique ways they do it just keeps me tuned in.

I see a lot of work put into this, and I congratulate you on a job well done.

Niiice game.

My only problem was that the colors were a little to close together at times. I'm sure it was a part of the game, but sometimes I couldn't tell what was what and I just clicked randomly.
Other than that, it was funnnn! Level 17 before complete lockdown, but I started clicking jsut bombs and lasers after about 13, ha.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2009
2:55 PM EST