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Blood Bath Bay

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You are the last hope against the zombie outbreak; scientists believe that the only cure can be found under the sea - a rare species of glowing snail. It is up to you to find them and save mankind in this action-packed, deep sea adventure.

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Very good! It gets a little bit repetitive though.

That woman who was talking to you throughout the game, she sounds either Irish or Scottish, also what are those creatures that pop out of the ground and kill you if you step on that spot? And what exactly is that seahorse thing talking to you and it calls you "Starfish for some reason? All in all, great game :)

I really enjoyed this game's voice acting, particularly that of the Big Shrimp. The mechanics were fun, but could maybe use some more challenging puzzles involving the fins and mines. That said, I appreciated that the game was short so I could redo it when I got the bad ending.

However, I did hit one annoying snag. In the area right after you see the Big Shrimp for the second time, I snagged the fins and then thought I might experiment by going downward instead of across there in the bottom left. Naturally, I died, but then when I respawned it was right above that same pit and without the fins on. So I just fell into the pit and died again and again. I'll have to restart, which is kind of annoying.

Still, the voice acting, graphics, and those eerie sounds near the end of the game keep the score high.

Great game

I really like the storyline and the gameplay. Looks to me like this could very likely make the front page. Great job! I did however find one glitch. When I was swimming to another stage and lost my flippers I ofcourse drifted to the bottom and died. Unfortunately the stage I started from had no ledge to land on either so I was just eternally falling and drowning no matter how many times I restarted.


Humanity doomed - you win

It would have been better if it were longer. I thought it was fun. I didn't notice any bugs, and I liked the story line even if it did seem cut a bit short. I may even play through again to get the 'real' ending. Though I was just fine with the ending that I got.

I did like the sounds/music for the game but a mute button is always nice.

The controls seemed to work fine. It did feel like the fins got used up too quickly, and the secrets weren't all that secret. I missed 1 snail because I was too lazy to backtrack and get it. It also wasn't clear if freeing the souls had any effect on the game. The bosses were also very easy, but given the length of the game that works. Just some thoughts. I do want to say again great job, and keep up the good work.

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4.17 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2009
11:02 AM EST