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How to play :

Kill zombie is the ultimate goal :la:
This game have a determinated number of level but are good enough to win all ?

Key :
- Mouse ( to mouve an shout)
- space bar (to zoom the sniper)

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Your hit boxes are showing *wink* *wink*

Spelling mistake galore was the first thing I noticed, the fact that you put the time in to make a game and didn't bother to spell check makes me do a double take. It almost seemed intentional at first but then I got into the gameplay. the whole experience seemed sloppy, as I mentioned before your hit boxes are showing and I noticed that my ammo never diminished. Don't get me wrong it was mildly entertaining but you could use some improvement.

Not bad

not bad but you have to fix that aiming


I like this game, It creates a good scary environment, and it contains great game play. The background music fit perfectly with the game and the sound affects are perfect.


It didn't suck, but the difficulty was way off, the fact that aiming was near impossible since you would mouse offscreen and then the aimer wouldn't go, and that you can only shoot zooming in, plus the fact that when zoomed in enough to hit them, you have to mouse over lift your mouse so you down scroll back to one direction, then move mouse again to even see them isn't too great. It has alot of flaws, but its simple and clear, you should add in more content like different weapons or something, otherwise this is just a bare bones game which doesn't actually have the highest fun factor if you ask me.

Way too difficult.

This game is extremely hard to play on a laptop. The fact that I can't shoot without aiming down the sights, I can't move, and the target area being the size of a grapefruit make it waaaay to difficult. I do admire the art. The soundtrack was kind of annoying (I played this game on Mute). It could have been a lot of fun.

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2009
10:29 AM EST