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- sni[p]r -
Your mission is too defend yourself from any attackers! See how long you can last against thousands of enemies in this explosive new game! Now with Highscores.

This game has been extensively tested for glitches and errors, and if any are apparent, please let me know as soon as possible so I can update the game file with minimal hassle! Thanks :)

Good Luck and have fun! :D

- moosey

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its an awesome game. loved it. My score was 9,645,000


this game is awesome....all the killing is insane haha

Thanks for the game

needless to say that this games has changed my life. First time i played it, i was in a trance with all the sounds and colours that seemed to come off the screen. I had to call in sick at work the very next day just to play the game. Recently my wife and i are going through a rough phase right now and we rarley speak to each other anymore. Anyway, she caught me playing ur game and was just as amazed as i was with it. That spark that the both of us shared when we first met was turned on again. Sni[p]r has saved my marriage. To whoever made this game, i owe you my life.


3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Dear 'Kodass2' or 'Bryce',
My identity shall never be revealed... ever.
p.s. we're having steak casserole for tea tonight


i could spend hours on this game just make the guys more hard, they seem to weak k

It just keeps coming...

I have to say, this was impressive and addicting while it lasted. Graphics are decent, and the music could be better, but I did like the gameplay.
The concept isn't anything new, a defense shooting game: not very memorable. The execution was decent with the upgrades and the tanks though.
What I didn't like is that this was repetitive: after getting all the upgrades, it's not that fun anymore. Also, I didn't like that, a wave of tanks and people would come at you unexpectedly. This resulted in too much clicking and my arm and hand now hurts :(