Impossimaze 4

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WARNING: This game is 5 levels long, and you'll see why, because It is extremely hard!

EDIT 11/29/10: You know, 2.15 is pretty damn good for an experimental game made in two hours. Yes, this was made in two hours, but it's still pretty good ^_^

EDIT: Preloader is broken! And because of that this is getting blammed, I'll upload the non-preloader version after this is OFF.

I went with a different formula for this, being that it is REALLY difficult, rather than a confusing puzzle.

Don't rate based on difficulty! or whether it loaded or not! Just play. And I beta-tested it, it is possible to beat, just ridiculously hard! But it is fun, and will keep you entertained, too!

About 1 & 2: They got blammed, they were pretty horrible, I admit it, too.

Try cheating if it is too hard (*snicker*)

All 4 songs used were composed by me in fl studio.

To be honest, the game took me 6 hours to make, I rushed a little, but that should have no relevance to (??) likability (??)

Enjoy & review

Up next: 2d (I'll try to make it 3d) Plat former Game (not titled yet)

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The whole idea behind the Impossimaze series was to make horrible, obnoxious games, and STILL have them pass judgement. Sorta like Strawberryclock's "B".

After getting away with Impossimaze 3, World's longest piano, and Make a Cartoon Face 2[1], I was confident enough to try to make a simpler game, knowing that I was risking the same fate as the previous ones.

I knew that for this to pass while remaining simple, I had to focus on making the graphic design and alignment a little more focused--at least passable. I did not want to make it good, because the whole point was for the game to be awful. Plus, I'm pretty sure that if I did polish the graphics, people would have started getting suspicious.

It was tough, but I did it. I didn't go all-out like I did in the third installment. I spent about an hour total brainstorming[2] for the game and ways to make it worse, plus the description. I already had quite a bit of music uploaded, so my thorough search for unfitting and obnoxious sound didn't have to be quite as extensive. In fact, this gave an opportunity to introduce an ego complex. Since the game was graphically simple, I didn't have to spend too much time tweaking things, the graphics were already mediocre.

I think it took probably 2 hours for the entire process.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this one.

I think my fave review has to be Sirorezka's, "Stop Making Crap".


[1] MACF 2 is just MACF 1 with a ton of random content straight the fuck out of nowhere. Like a drive-able car and a UFO.

[2] That may seem like a long time, but I was very thorough. I had at least 12 notebook pages full of ideas for everything I could do wrong, concept drawings, etc. I think Impossimaze 3 consumed more than 60 pages. I'd say it was 20 pages of ideas and 40+ pages full of drawings.


I seemed to move through the black circles without dying, that made it allot easier, I got to the 'final' level(The one after the level which said final with the arrow), I don't know if it was the final level because I couldn't beat it.


still cheatable..just move mouse fast lol

Stop Making Crap

Stop making this kind of games, they really sukcs. Also your graphic is awful. If you make such simple game use your imagination to improve gameplay and graphics. About no-cheating mode - It doesn't work.

2. On the second level you can leave game borders and just get round the moving wall.
3-5. You can use Alt+Tab to move mouse cursor in other windows and get to the exit.

The only think I like in game is how "WOW" transforms in "YOU"

I cheated.

Extremely poor graphics, and it's way too hard. I also cheated, by dragging the cursor off of the screen really quickly. Gotta love Cheat2Win.

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Nov 29, 2009
2:15 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click