Santa's Landing

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Guide Santa's sleigh and reindeer to a safe landing atop houses as Santa delivers presents this Christmas. Avoid obstructions, try not to spill presents, and be sure to feed the reindeer plenty of candy canes.

Use the up and down keys to navigate Santa's lead reindeer through the Christmas Eve skies. Attempt to land as short as possible by aiming for an early touchdown point on each roof. A long landing may cause Santa and his team to spill off the roof and damage the precious gifts. Thee reindeer have a sweet tooth for candy canes, so be sure to grab them and avoid losing too much reindeer energy.


What was i even playing

I mean seriously i agree with every else but the game play, wow i know a better game than this but still i liked it


That's actually pretty cool, well done man.

a lot of things to fix.

First, I agree with everyone when they say the game is too slow, even if i understand you wanted the speed to be about the same as the "real" Santa Claus.

Also, like tristantheman9, i lost gifts randomly, apparently without any reason. If it really does fall randomly, you should remove it and if it doesn't it should be written somewhere what makes you lose gifts.

Third, it would be nice to have "special events" linked to each or at least some of the messages you get when you land on a roof, because when a player read them all the gameplay becomes pretty boring. For example, whenever you get "santa's super helper" or something you could have a super helper with you on the sled that would automatically grab the candy canes and bring them to you, and when you get "cookies and milk" it would make you heavier and slower for the next few houses.

Fourth, all candy canes shouldn't spawn randomly on the screen and the player should always be able to grab them before they fall off. It may seem like a small detail but i actually lost a life because of this happening in repetition. While I'm at it, while not change the energy recovery value for each candy cane color?

Last and certainly the least, you could add a Level complete! music, preferrably a Christmas-themed one.


the controls could be a bit faster...

This Is a Pretty Good Game but...

Maybe put on a Speed Control, Because it is very Slow.

But It did Make me Laugh expecially the Part that said

"Great, Only 18 Billion More Houses to Go!"

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3.20 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2009
7:31 PM EST
Puzzles - Other