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Blood Pit 2

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How long can you survive in the Blood Pit? Best Time to date is 32 minutes! Slash and hack your way to the top of the Arena in this Gladitor game of pure skill and strategy. Time your cuts, block attacks or simply collect jewels and fame until you die! Blood Pit 2 is a new IGM (Integrated Game Module) of the Legends of Renowned Deeds (LoRD) RPG with new game mechanics. This release adds new features to the Legends of Renown Game Series. Plays as a stand-alone adventure game or join the thousands of characters in LoRD.

- Solo Tutorial, Single vs Computer*, vs Multiplayer* (hot seat) or Multiplayer teams* (remote)
- Save your characters
- Import characters into other PBMCube games.
- Win awards, badges, titles, fame, wealth and renown.
- Use your social network to login! and save your game settings!
- full version online RPG integration with any hosted web-site.
- 35 languages supported.

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I said this two minutes ago..

On another game did u see bejeweled and think I can make a game like this? ohh the music is okay thats why u get a one instead of a zero

Gentleman, Behold! The most misleading game title!

Yeah, when I clicked this, I was expected some sort of fighting game or something and the picture for the flash certainly didn't help. That said, this is a good effort but it doesn't really stand out amidst the hundreds of Bejeweled clones out there. Seeing as how this is a beta release, here's a few suggestions. For starters, the music got pretty loud at times and while the overall look is pretty cool, the weapons looked like they were just copied and pasted on, you know? Also, when the weapons were matched, they just disappeared. So, it would be cool to add some flashiness to it. This really looks like a skeleton of a good game, it just needs work. Good luck with developing the game, chief.

it does... not... match

the anticipation on what i would find as a game was mislead by the promising name and description. i dont see the point of combining a battle-theme with this kind of puzzle game. It did work though. It is also nicely animated. The problem is that i don't see the fun in this. I think it's a pretty horrible game to spend time on.

So what your trying to tell me. . .

is that this is a horrible knock off of bejeweled? And that there is no slashing or cutting or anything that was claimed in the description? You sir should be an insurance sales man =^(((

It's ok

The game it's self is boring and unchanging and, although set on a strong base, there is nothing to distinguish it from every other one of these kinds of games out there. You might want to add some animations in the background and maybe add some increasing lvs for a "if you get the minimum number of points" kind of thing. Other than that the music is awesome. LIke, that was the only reason I continues playing after it got really boring. Also, it can be kind of hard to see differences with that stationary background, either make it black or make it move. It's hard to tell if you've clicked on a piece or not sometimes. I would suggest changing the way that you show how a peice is highlighted, make it an X instead of a border, that kind of thing.