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Fun Maze Game #3

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This version is anticheat :). So sorry all you no skill cheaters haha.

I also made the buttons much easier to click, no more moving onto the text.

The difficulty is increased, and the final level is damn hard, but you don't have to restart from the very beginning, this time if you lose on the last level you just have to start from the beginning of the level :).

As always, I hope you enjoy.

Have fun.

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Cool game, needs refining!

It's a great amateurish game, with cool music and backgrounds, and while there are messy graphics, it's a good start!

However, I'm afraid it IS possible to cheat. I assume you make it lose when you click? Well, you can get rid of the right click menu by using space bar instead of left click. Just saying!


this is an improvement on the last ones but it could do with some nicer graphics in it


Don't allow Game Expanding. That makes it way too easy.

I found a way to cheat

All you do is click on the title screen and BOOM you're on level 10!

you can disable right-clicking and tabbing by putting:

}// (make 2 the loser or cheater frame)

in a movie clip and:


var myMenu:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();

_root.menu = myMenu;

in the first frame to disable right-clicking and using play...

I hope that helped



i cheated easly.., but imnot telling ya how I did so youll never going to repair it mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... evidence I was there:
Haha, yeah right...
Noone will ever see this screen :P ... bla bla bla...