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Race on the Highway Avoid All tank as to make 7 laps to win if... you live!

How to play:

-left arrow - left
-right arrow -right


-Avoid all tanks
-make 7 laps

if you have problems with rhe start buttion just wait for it after you click on it that is helpful...

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well ok

too easy but that's ok

Not too shabs

I reckoned it was decent but also way too easy. I think you start with too may lives for one thing, and for another would it be possible to make the tanks, not flat, so that you could crash into them from the side a well as from the front?


Sorry, but this game isn't too terribly good. Maybe up the graphics a bit, change the audio, and you'll be fine.

game over

Really easy, so I died on purpose.

glitch- but for a newbi? not that bad.

For starters, your taste is that of whatever is ranked high in the audio portal. You want to find music that seperates what you have created apart from everything else, if everyone used the top ranked song in the audio portal everything would suck and sound the same. audio portal listeners and flash gamers have 2 entirely different opinions in music.

Secondly, The graphics are MS paint quality, and there is no sense of 3d at all. It just looks like your driving up a wall.

Finally, the glitch is; you tap left and right repeatedly and youll never get hit.

practice makes perfect, But be warned; If making games isnt your pashion, you shouldnt even try getting into it.