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Kiwitiki Flower Paradise

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Kiwitiki loves flowers! Help him to explore the island to collect them. Catch as many flowers in a row as you can and find the bonus flowers to get the best score. Run and jump through ten increasingly challenging levels, learning the best routes and secret passages to achieve the bronze, silver and gold awards.

Move the Mouse to the left or right to make Kiwitiki run in that direction.
Click the Left Mouse button to jump.

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om-frickin-g this game is flawlessly cute : D

Misunderstood by others, but excellent!

To the people under me:
What's wrong with this game? I've seen ratings of 5,7,and 3! This game isn't about action, and it isn't supposed to be just a normal plat former. The controls are SUPPOSED to be unique, and they actually are BETTER for this game. If this game doesn't appeal to some people who are action freaks, or just don't like it; that's fine. But this game does NOT need more effort. The art style is wonderful and cutsie, you're always trying to beat the high score to go to the next level, and I love how the multiplier is so intense. It's like a Super Mario coin collecting mania! But anyways... It doesn't need more effort. So congrats, Dijiko.


Next time put more effort into it , they shudve made guns with like sumthing tht attacks you and the ARROW KEYS or WASD .
very bad gameplay,


um what? really

ok?? is that really the game, jumping arownd for flowers as a sweaty penguin?? wtf


Although it was a good game overall, I found myself impatient with it as it takes forever to go to the next level.