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Fun Maze Game #2

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Constructive Criticism please.

This is my second Fun Maze Game, The first one didn't make it through, but it had Bad graphics, No music, No loader, Broken/Bad menu's and only 3 levels. So this will hopefully make it through :).

I spent quite abit of time on this, but I couldn't learn how to disable the right/left mouse, If you know how can you please leave me a review telling me how to or where I can learn how to. Constructive Criticism please :).

I hope you enjoy.

Edit: Sorry submitted a corrupt version, fixed now I hope.

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LOL for the music

10/10 for the music. When you fail a level, the music starts over again. XDDD good laughs btw good music i love zelda


on level 1 i went off the screen and went to the right! hahaha! i cheeted

Pretty cool

But you should`nt have to start over if you lose, after a couple of times I just cheated my way through the entire game :)
And what`s with the Ocarina Of Time music?

Great game!

Not bad, but again with the right click, I dont think you can disable that. And did anyone else notice that you spelled "instructions" wrong?

AnimatorAC responds:


Not bad

Not bad, but im sorry because i could make this in about 30 minutes, but I havnt posted anythin because i want a really good first game, but thanks im gonna start out small and make a simple game too :)

AnimatorAC responds:

Haha, all good. I made this pretty damn quick to, but shhh, they will give me bad ratings *Shifty eyes*.