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Paper Cannon

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This is my first physics game I'm releasing. Be as harsh as possible with your comments and let me know if this game worth to be improved.

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I love Paper themed games..... and Physics games..... and those mutant evil bunnies! OH MY!
Love your work! I am playing all your Paper Cannon games. Thank you for all this physic-y fun! :)

good game

there is this glitch for me that when you finish a level(right after the last bunny explodes) and you hold space the level menu will keep on goin up, then back down like you selected a level. it will give you 1 or 2 seconds per level but then it passes you.

A pure cannon game without all the flowery stuff.

The game, while probably not an entirely original idea on NG, is quite good. Never encountered any real, repeatable glitches so far, but I have seen some strange stuff happen. Like once on level 30, shooting the top sliding platform moved the top left boulder left for some reason. But as it's not really repeatable, I can't hold it against you.

Normally, I don't like the idea of "click and hold for a meter to build up" kind of control setup. But it works well with this game, making it more of a game of skill rather than an "input angle and power" setup, which would of course be very easily repeatable.

For me, Level 6 was perhaps the hardest stage of the entire game and nearly made me put the game down for good. On my first run, I repeatedly tried bombing that upper critter several times with all sorts of angles and power settings before actually quitting the game on that first run. Seemingly deceptively simple without any gimmicks, yet so difficult because only one kind of shot can possibly work in the situation. I even thought it was where you needed to shoot a slow bomb in the air, and then shoot another bomb at fast speed after it, causing the first to ricochet and land in the upper area.

Fortunately, I persevered and decided instead to refer to your walkthrough to see how that beast was possible. That and Level 7 (reason below) were the only levels I used the walkthrough on. The rest of the experience wasn't as evil as Level 6; I still consider it way more difficult than the last levels.

Another level-specific issue is that it wasn't at first clear that I could actually shoot above the Level 7 wall. (Sure, you can say that the border up there was a little different-but the real problem is that there is even a border in the first place, which from previous experiences except for Level 4, acts as a ceiling. On my playthrough, I thought that you had to bomb the little knob on the bottom part of that wall because of the staircase shape.

Gameplay wise-the objective creatures are always the same creature, again and again. It gives that kind of repetitive feeling, really. How about adding several other types, such as one that could take more damage, or one that would only be killed by something strong like boulders?

Some others have said that powerups could be in store for the future. Sure, why not, but if you choose to implement them in a sequel, keep them on a limited special ammo basis. Some wacky ideas off the top of my head are a remote sticky bomb which could be fired on some edge and detonated at the right time to knock a boulder or ricochet another bomb for some puzzle or perhaps a super-bomb that explodes on impact and destroys wall sections.

If you could add a level editor of some sort, do so. If it's too much of an issue, don't worry too much.

Lastly, just some minor nagging regarding navigation:

There should be a way to go directly back to the level selection menu. I couldn't find one, (only options were New Game, Restart, and Walkthrough.) Why should something like that be implemented? For player convenience naturally, because some people after finishing the game might actually want to dip in and out of some stages again.

Restart and the potential Return to Menu button should be also implemented as hot keys. (probably R and ESC, respectively). Saves a mouse trip to the top

Otherwise, there's not much else to be harsh about that I can think of. Good job.

adiian responds:

Thanks, except the first point which was not very clear for me, and the hardest level, I agree 100% with all you said. The strange fact you mentioned might be a result of the fact that when the bomb hits something, it might get a rotation movement. When it hits some other object second time or third time some "unnatural" movement might be seen. Maybe I should add some texture to the bombs to see the rotation speed.

Regarding the click and hold meter, I wanted to have it like this because I've seen in other games the click control make the game like you said, very repeatable, and too predictable IMHO. Just finding a proper point where to click and then click near it, and then near it and then near it until you complete the level reduce the challenge.

Regarding the level 6 it was even harder before redesigning it. After I played it couple of times I noticed it was almost impossible. Personally I liked it because it seems really easy and simple when you see it for the first time, but when playing it you realize it it's not. I wouldn't call it the hardest, but definitely is one of the hardest.

Right now I have in mind some bonus levels for the sponsor site without much improvement in the engine, maybe with more critters, and a sequel where I want to add new things to the engine and probably a level editor. I like the sticky bomb ideea. I also like the the powerups only if they don't change the pure essence of the game...

You are right about the Menu button. Right now it looks so obvious that I don't know how I missed it.

If you wanna change something

If you could please leave the game as it is now in something as "ForFun mode" :)
I like that kind of "time wasting" as some would call it. Nice dynamics, music in background that you don't want to mute after 1 min., No points, time limit, powerups :) If you ask me ? Great Job. Hard to find something like that these times :)

adiian responds:

Thanks Bastardzik. I really enjoyed your comment.

Thank you all for your reviews. I'll make some changes soon... Since I already published this version I'll leave it like it is and I'll come with v1.5 soon.

time waster, could be much better

could be a lot of fun with a bit of work.

powerups would be awesome, like different shell types that have varying explosions for a time limit if you can shoot them, bouncy type cannon balls (rubber i guess), maybe a hand could draw in enemies for a wave of attacks?
would be cool if the score was cumulative as well as per level too.
tracer balls would be cool too since the walls are close enough to make some trajectories hard to guess. (add a clear tracers button or similar if you do this too though)

improve the explosion sounds too please, it doesn't sound good if you fire a lot of cannon balls at once and they start exploding together.

adiian responds:

The score is already cumulative. If you replay a level and score better the total score will improve. I couldn't find a place where to display both of them.

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4.30 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2009
10:02 PM EST