Hotel Catastrophe

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In Hotel Catastrophe, you find yourself trapped inside a hotel that just got hit by an earthquake. The goal is to find your family and get out of the hotel as fast as possible. Escape various challenges and overcome objects by combining creativity and memory.

Click around to interact.
Drag items to use them.
Escape as fast as possible for points.

The puzzles are now a lot easier, and the coin visible from beginning.

This perhaps the longest escape game I make. I done both the coding and the artworks. Let me know what do you think! If a lot of people likes it, then I know what I should make later. Also, if you wish to learn how to make escape games in AS3, let me know.


Awww thats cute

The ending makes me want to cry :')
Very nice game , cool graphics , this must have took a lot of weeks/months to make!
(if i could rate like this , i would!)

I had to use walkthrough a little v_v

I tried not to, but I got stuck D: but in all, this was a very good game :DD I really enjoyed it, I would like to see more of these from you :DD


Great work in this game. The visuals are well done and it has plenty to keep interested plus a score system for a little replay value. Music is a little monotonous but is good for the short theme of the game. I had trouble finding all the secrets though, I found the afterlife train and that was both surprising and cool. Still missing one secret. Please PM me and let me know, I played it for hours looking for it.
PS: I would love to see your game about a Rose Dragon, I know that you have one in mind and from playing your past games I know that it is going to be a masterpiece of imagination.

rosedragoness responds:

lol thanks! I do have a plan of making a game titled 'rosedragon' but it would wait until my games able to sit on the frontpages. :)


As usual, your game is fun and inspiring and great. I really liked this one, the end product shos just how far you've come from when you started it :3 well done.

Still a great game

But I'm sad you had to change it from its original storyline. It was really interesting and emotional way to experience the aftermath of a real-life event. =(

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3.35 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
11:23 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click