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Heart of War TD

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Author Comments

Heart of War :: The tower defense game.

In a tower defense game the main objective is to protect your land from advancing hordes of enemies. Build unique and upgradable towers with different attack patterns to defend yourself against a wide variety of enemies with different strengths and traits. Fight on two different environments in both "Path of no return" and "Frozen Gorge". Choose the best tactics in order to survive all 35 rounds against unspeakable amounts of foes.


:: Controls

Mouse controls the current selection. Clicking on towers from the control menu to the right of the screen will allow you to place them.

:: How to play

On the left hand side of your screen you have a map where the action takes place on. The enemies will move along the marked path and you will be able to build towers alongside on the grass to stop them. On the right hand side of the screen you have your controls. This displays towers that you can build, your remaining lives, and the amount of money you have; or in the case of Heart of War they are called "Credits".

:: Difference in towers

Some towers are more preferable for the type of enemy you are up against in a certain round. For instance on rounds where there are large amounts of enemies you may wish to a tower that has Splash Damage and can hurt many different enemies at once. With fewer stronger enemies, you may wish for a tower that has high damage. Generally the higher the cost for the tower the stronger and more powerful it will be. Legendary towers such as the "Extinction" tower can deal with any form or type of enemy.


Thanks for playing/reading. I'm fairly new to making flash games so this may seem like a little basic of a game to some experienced players. I'm just getting used to the ropes though, and do expect a better tower defense game in the future with drastic improvements. I understand there are a few bugs with the upgrades and rounds information bar, these will be fixed in a patch. I just hope you enjoy what the game has to offer, hopefully some good gameplay and a challenge. Also I would just like to add, that the game is not impossible. It is difficult - but it can be won I assure you.

Everything starts of easy - and it may seem like a strole in the park - but are you ready for things to heat up a little?

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nice game

i really enjoyed this game and i think this is one of the better TD games. i failed to find the buggs in this game but then again i look for the fun of the game not the buggs, unlike djhanneax below me.
5/5 10/10
good game

ExiledSoldier responds:

thank you! =]

So buggy it's ridiculous. But at least you tried.

Let's start with the good stuff. The towers are actually pretty cool, even if they're all offensive types. (you could have other types that slow, do DOT damage, freeze, etc). You gave credit to the artist who made your intro music (I find it amazing how some people these days don't even do that.) The enemies behave normally, and they seem to get a bit tougher as the game goes on. A standard TD so far.

Now, the bad.

Can't sell towers, which normally accompanies the Upgrade function. Can't cancel building a tower, which is normally delegated to the ESC key. (After you click a tower, you're pretty much stuck with that marker thing until you place it.)

Don't know which wave I'm in because there's no wave indicator.

Some towers can be placed literally right next to each other. They also seemed to get worse by upgrading them. Such stacking allows the player to amass so much firepower into any point on the stage.

The stats seem to be way off. For instance, the first tier towers say "Splash Damage Yes" but I don't see any. Maybe you should add a Rate of Fire category too.

Why is the Sky Marshal seemingly worse than the Heart of Fire, despite costing more? (they also get worse from upgrades too.)

It says -undefined- right underneath the Upgrade button. At the start of the game it was the "Place your first tower" message. In game, it could have displayed more information.

Going to main menu is bugged as hell. (You should have also made that text an actual button, like the Upgrade button). Looks like you didn't clean up the board and delete objects. Because of this, I think there might be memory leak issues in-game from not deleting objects-hence all the lag that everyone else is facing.

I actually find it hilarious that the game seems to simply freeze on the main menu, and that when you choose a new game, all the action from the old game resumes where you were. That's right-all the towers from the old game work, and all the enemies that were on the board last would be immune to attack (that is, they won't be treated as targets by the towers).

I stopped playing after seeing this last and fatal bug. Don't worry if ti's your frst attempt. Seriously, without all these issues, I think the game would have been awesome because of the cool tower designs.

ExiledSoldier responds:

haha well thanks.

I know how bugged it is. It's just too much to fix so im not even going to try. If I ever made a better TD game in future i will take on board all your points. just to to pick up on one of your points though, the '-undefined' message is a bug on the frozen gorge map. If you look at the other map you can see that it's supposed to show your current round and enemy health. everything else is heavily bugged..


You know, I started to review the game, and I was going to give it a 4. At the time I was less than half ways through the game. And then it hit me. The insane lag created by this poorly made little flash game. So lets start tearing it appart shall we.

1. Your upgrades don't work right. Not only is the 'upgrade to' information wrong, but it is always wrong. Did you do any proofing before publishing this? Or any testing? On top of that as others have said the upgrades sometimes downgrade the weapon. For the heart of war especially, the drop in rate of fire alone makes it not worth upgrading.

2. The game doesn't start easy it is easy. by the time anything was able to push past the first 6 crappy guns I laid down I could afford heart of war. After figuring out the issues with that I placed 4 by the front path and by the time anything got past that, I had more than enough money to lay down several frogs there. In-fact less than a dozen enemies ever even made it to the first corner, and only one made it past my defences, and that was your retardedly powerful last boss. The only reason he made it past was because the lag made me unable to lay any new turrets from ~level 25 on. Which brings me to ..

3. The lag, dropped you from 4 stars to no stars. You don't make a game harder by flooding levels with so many enemies that the window locks up. I am running a pentium4 3GHz with 1G ram. Not the newest system, but also not a piece of crap. You really need to work on that and re-submit.

4. No sound, no music no stars for either.

5. Graphics were nothing special or all too interesting.

6. When it wasn't bogged down gameplay was mediocre at best.

Though I am sure there are other complaints to be made about the game (such as how the splash damage didn't seem to work and how making one of the most powerful weapons in the game one of the easiest to get makes the game pretty much unlooseable) I think that is enough to justify 0/5 0/10. Please fix it and try again.

Needs a lot of work

It's not a bad effort at a TD game, but has some serious issues that need fixed.

1) upgrading towers makes them weaker. Even fully upgraded they are weaker than when first purchased.
2) Music disappeared after about two minutes.
3) No sound effects.
4) No "sell" button.
5) graphics need a tweak.
6) since towers are stronger when first purchased, game is too easy.
7) upgrade costs are wacky. The weakest tower costs more to upgrade to maximum than the strongest tower. Again, balance on the game.
8) Bloons doesn't get so laggy so fast.
9) Towers only partially occupy a grid square. It's possible to overlap towers about halfway.

Overall, this is a good try, but it needs a lot of work to get more than a "meh" out of me. Mind you, it's better than anything I can produce (I can't do flash to save my life), but I've seen a lot better on here. Fix the bugs, add some sound and it'll get a solid 6 or 7. Amp the graphics and add some more modes and enemies and tracks and you'll be in the 8 and 9 territory. Do something original with it and you'll get a 10.

Happy coding!

Buggy, but good for a first try

Like a lot of people have said, the upgrades are a bit buggy. Also, a sell feature and some sound (with the ability to mute) would be nice as well.

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2009
1:17 PM EST