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This is a new puzzle game I wrote originally for my girlfriend. Lots of pretty colors and sounds but it gets fiendishly hard as the levels go on. I managed to reach level 19, I don't know of anyone beating level 20 yet to unlock the extended mode... but it is possible!

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Nice game

And here you have a nice game I like all the shapes and such as you gain new levels it does get harder I would suggest some extra power ups or something of some sort to really give you even more time and such just an idea though

More power up options



I really enjoyed this game. up til about level 8, then i suddenly got super boreed with it..


I really like this. Got to level 16 with about 2000 power to spare on my first attempt, but got tired and quit. This game is really long and could use a save feature. Moreover, The first 10 levels or so could be harder, it's very tedious to play through that many easy levels just to get to the point where the game is actually challenging.

I would really like to see you add hotkeys. I find the Four Leaf Clover to be often the cheapest way of getting out of a pinch but since you may need to use it several times to get what you want, it's annoying to have to reselect it all the time.

Too easy.

1-10 I beat in a matter of minutes together. 15 at maximum. 11 was a shocker to me because those 5 cross I didn't expect them. Well I'll try again someday and see if i can Nail it I so really want eternal mode.

FightClub69 responds:

The trick is to make every move count right from the first level. You want to get maximum power to carry you through the tricky spots from level 15-20... and the best way to get it is to complete 3 shapes in one move every move for as long as possible. Thanks for playing, and thanks for the comments!

Good game but still has issues.

The game is interesting and different. The spells become necessary after about level6. But the only ones that seem useful at that point are destroy everything or destroy one color. The other spells could be more useful if the game area was bigger. The only other issue I have with the game is that it seemed to randomly change my goal shapes every now and then. (i.e. I start to make a vertical 4 piece green line and it doesn't dissapear so I look over and its now a horizontal line), If that was something intentional it was very annoying and insanely ups the difficulty. Or it could just be that my eyes are going lol.

FightClub69 responds:

I can assure you that the game does not change goal shapes once they are displayed, until they are completed or the level ends! Sorry to say, your eyes are going :(
Try using the spell to recolor a cross - that one is fantastic when the playing area gets all jumbled up and you have a big shape to complete.
Gravity is very occasionally useful - it clears space by squashing circular disks and if you use it at the right time it can line up groups of color for you.
There are further tips in the 'hints & tips' pages linked from the help page.

Thanks for playing and rating my game!

Pete Baron