'Dam to the 'Ham

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Skilfully navigate the canals of Amsterdam and Birmingham and deliver your passengers to the airport on time. You have a strict quota to meet, so be careful not to lose anyone overboard!



but ill be honest i had more fun picking people up the speeding into the sides n drowning them than i did taking them to thingy :)

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willcheng responds:

That's just cruel! Thanks very much for the review.


There should be more action! It's pretty boring...
2 points for game and 2 for amsterdam

willcheng responds:

Sorry it's not for you.

Whats with the Dutch Translation ;)?

Well its really bad translated.....

but still, the game itself ain't that fun either....

willcheng responds:

Can you give any helpful feedback on the game please?


are u dutch?
the dutch translation isn't completly correct :P
the sentaces are a bit strange xD

willcheng responds:

The translation has been provided to us. We're english :)

Fine, but could be a lot better.

This was an okay little game, but a bit of a one-trick pony. To make this more interesting you could've made the controls more boat-y, now the only thing reminding me of boatiness was the fact that stopping was kinda hard. The graphical style was nice, albeit a bit simplistic. The thing that was most lacking, though, was content. The game just went on and on with the same thing, with just the direction changing. Also, a possibility to save overboard customers would be cool.

willcheng responds:

This is designed to be a coffee break game rather than an in-depth, take half an hour to play type game so the simplisticness that isn't working for you, is really what was needed from the campaign. The inertia on stopping is boatiness (love that word) and does make it harder to stop people falling overboard!

Thanks very much for taking the time to review.

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3.01 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2009
11:53 AM EST
Skill - Collect