Koroi No Naka

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Kuroi no Naka! I must destroy all the boxes! Oh no there are more!
Space shoots arrow keys move

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Good work!

I liked the graphics, specially the background. The circle looked like it was pissing all around. Funny.

Similar to another game


Similar to a circle/square game that is also on this site, but very stylish. If this is you first submission good work.

I would like to see a round playing field to match the background. And perhaps the player sprite could flash a different colour when it's been hit to show it's taken damage. Perhaps a health bar in the sprite itself, like you have in the boxes.

Warll responds:

The flashing would be nice but I run into a problem of implementation in that everything is really just a cached bitmap, I'll mull it over more.

The health bar would not work, since there is no limit on the player's possible health there is no way to accurately give the player the impression of how much life they have left.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Moar muvment Plz

I thought it was neat, far better then other early submissions I've seen, though it could of course improve.

My first piece of advice would be to remedy the corner situation. To do that you could either, 1. make the game like asteroids so that when you fly off the edge of the screen you just show up on the other side 2. make the arena rounded/curved so that there are nor corners, or 3. make special enemies designed for taking out people who hide in the corner (maybe something that constantly - but slowly - follows the player around.

My second piece of advice would be the add better controls for the ship. Maybe add backwards movement or a way to quickly slide to the left or rightto avoid a head-on collision.

Final piece of advice: add sound effects and music, nuff said.

Warll responds:

The corner shouldn't be that bad since the bullets cannot reach that far, the player is forced to enter the field to get the last one. At which point they will be compared by new squares.
Thank you for the feedback, I will wait a bit more before changing anything critical.

Edit: I have now improved the movement, thank you for the comment.

can be improved

Stay in the corner and the game becomes very easy. When you finish the game the 'submit score' windows contunue to reapper every time is closed.

Warll responds:

Oops, I thought I had fixed that bug.
Edit: Ok fixed it and the bug that was preventing the scores from being submited.
Edit2:Cornering is no longer possible.


Please check your spelling next time :(

Warll responds:

Done, thank you.

Credits & Info

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Nov 17, 2009
4:28 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight