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Author Comments

I hope you enjoy playing it!

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I have the same complaints with the other persons. I wasn't entairtained so much.


It was fun to play through, but I agree with some of the 'complaints' that other people had with regards to the game.

1. The colors are hard to differentiate, it looks like you have it on a random generator that is just pulling back the RGB values, however when the colors are only differntiated by a couple points it is impossible to tell, and only luck will get you the right answer. That tests nothing about a person. Indeed, it puts a greater test on the persons monitor if it happens to be showing 'true' colors, and not a shade or two off like most peoples actually do. If it is using the standard 255pt RGB scale you should keep a few things in mind if any of the colors is saturated (255) the nearest most saturated color needs to be at least 20 points below that (235) As the colors. If two of the colors are desaturated (0)the primary color needs to be about 50 points higher to be distinguishable. the distance you need to keep kind of funnles in from those end points.

2. The math section also looked like it was a random generator and I got 20/6 Which is 3.33333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333333333333333333333333 and so on, i.e. you don't give any rules with regards to that. In fact based upon other peoples reviews I am kind of guessing it is set to only recive integer answers. If so you need to restrict the random equations from generating problems with non-integer solutions, or you need to let people know that they need to round their answers before submitting. But don't just tell people to round if that isn't how your flash is actually handling it, find the right solution. On those same lines I do not know if the negative responses that I had to give it came back as ok or not.

3. I don't know that I ran into the issue, but I would guess that the shapes test has the same problem with randomization that the other two do. Which would allow the randomly generated shapes to lay exactly on one another (or at least close enough such that a person couldn't say one square or two (or more)). So you may want to check that out as well.

4. When using a test to judge a persons observational/mental powers a completely randomly generated test has a habbit of failing, because luck plays a huge roll in randomly generated tests. Any given person could randomly recieve a test that is much easier/harder than it should be. Further subgrouping and careful attention to details (such as what problems could arize from randomizing a certain portion of the test, do I need to set limits) can very much improve both the enjoyability of something like this as well as its validity.

Hopefully you will take the time to actually work on this and improve some of the problems with it. Peace.

Awsome !!!

Nice Animation all is greate

Not Bad, but....

Game is decently designed, however, maybe explicitly stating that by confirm you mean "press enter" from the beginning would help.
The colours are very ambivalent, with some looking green, coming out as failed, some being yellow, there being no analogy for that.

Maybe tighten that up a bit.
otherwise pretty good

Too Short

This game is very short with only 4 60second rounds. The last one of which is poorly done as colours chosen are mixed between the two. It's very difficult to tell if a shade of purple has more red or blue!

Graphically the game is nothing special, just a bunch of shapes and text on the screen with the exception of the one character in the game that does nothing apart from stand there with an annoying glare on his glasses.

Considering the lack of effort with anything graphically you'd think the game would be much better.

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Nov 17, 2009
9:02 AM EST