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Jumpie 2

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Press Jumpie and drag the mouse to setup the angle and power for jump!
You must fly through all the rings to unlock the next level. If you fly through the ring without crashing, it will remove the ring.

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Simple and fun.

I quite like this. A strong physics based game without the generic overdoing of visuals and animation.

The game was very simple, yet very fun. Each level allowing a new way to assess the problem ahead of us. A small problem would be how much this comes up to dumb luck, I can see a lot of people completing this game without putting much thought into it. That's why the scoring system comes in good use.

The visuals were dull and simple, but they worked. You built a small environment, a cute likable character and a generic set of obstacles. Nothing more was needed.

The music was a nice touch but is now starting to get repetitive. All in all, good game.

Simple Idea But Fun Gameplay

This game was boring and easy at the start but as you started to progess through the game the levels got more hard and fun. This game had a simple idea, a ball atached to a string which you had to fling through red rings. And yea any one could come up with that idea, but could they make the game?. I don't think so, great job.


Im not saying i culd do better but rly this game is pointless rly boring atleast ur tryen which im sure every will appreciate :) keep tryen man dont give up

very polished and nice

nicely done - polished, creative and fun - my only complaint was that the travel speed of the character was a tad too slow for my liking for the first few levels but as it went on it did get better - well done

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2009
10:54 PM EST
Skill - Toss