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The Protectors: Revenge

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Author Comments

Build towers to protect your villages from the evil monsters that are attacking.

'Trivania', an ancient Kingdom, whose name remains a mystery, was a kingdom said to be enormous, prosperous, and powerful. But all peace was disturbed when a witch named "SAARSHE" appeared from no where. His misdeeds became so troublesome that he was exiled from the kingdom.
This did not please Saarshe, he planned his revenge by getting involved in more evil deeds. He summoned hordes of evil monsters and sent them you burn and pillage all the villages of the kingdom.

Build Towers to protect the villages from the attacking monsters.

Buy towers by clicking on the shop on the right, you will get the list of towers. You can buy the tower that you want by clicking it.

The tower has a red/green indicator at the bottom. You can place the selected tower only in those regions where the tower indicator turns green.

You can sell a tower by clicking on it

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Needs more work.

The player needs to know where the monsters come from. It's easy enough to put an arrow on the ground pointing into the map on the entrances where the monsters would come from and then perhaps a arrow pointing outward for the exit point.

Although you have a green marker indicating that you can place a tower somewhere, it still is difficult in finding where you can place them. The roads and town buildings make up the majority of the area and building towers are forbidden on them, so basically the player is fishing around the edges of the roads.

An enemy counter of some sort is required, as it isn't clear how many monsters you need to clear before you finish the stage. Stages can end in victory even though there were a few monsters still in play.

I never needed to use any of the last two towers-three of the third tier towers, plus some of the smaller tier ones along the right path of the final two stages if the money could be spared, are enough to clear the last three stages of the game. The fourth tier tower is not even remotely as powerful than placing three third tier towers in good locations, thus it's ridiculous to even consider buying it, and I haven't even touched the very expensive fifth tier tower.

The game actually has somewhat of a story, although it's a little weird how DEFENDING against attacks without any instance of engaging the enemy leaders suddenly leads to peace and prosperity after the sixth level. Did the evil guys just throw in the towel and disappear after getting thwarted six times?

At least you got a skeleton of a game out that is playable to a conclusion.

Not the best TD

The first four levels are super easy; the money bonus given is too much to increase dificulty until like the 5th level. The path the creatures come on is indistinguishable from the placing of towers, and the constant changing of battlegrounds is annoying. If you want to improve the game, give less money and don't switch playing grounds as often. Also, change the color of placeable tiles and nonplaceable tiles.


It is a short game but sadly you need to know where the monsters are coming from before you set the towers :/

from Sector 1 all the way to Sector 5 I put my towers on the end of trail not where the monsters began to enter

well thats it :p

Nothing special

Nothing really sets this apart at all. At some points, it seems very held back. You can hardly tell where you can and cannot place your towers, which is not only a pain in the ass, but also a very important part of a tower defense game, especially with the evil time limit. The towers are very bland as well. You can't combine their effects, as seen in some of the best TD games, they have no special effects, such as the simplest ability of slowing down enemies, and they can't even be upgraded. The scenarios are incredibly short as well, and the enemies voice nothing interesting about them. At some points, they even become very slim, showing laziness on the animator's part.

Over all, this isn't horrible. It's just not fun at all. Play a good TD game like the real Protector games or the GemCraft series and take notes.


goood game

:) keep trying to get better

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2009
1:00 PM EST