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Tales of Eldritch DEMO

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Author Comments

As it says in the title, this is a DEMO.

I know I said I was gonna wait until I added a few more missions before uploading this demo but I haven't been working on it for about a week, which for me is usually the sign for "I'm getting bored with this idea" and then I make something else.
Which is exactly what I've done, and I'll probably come back to this when I'm bored with this new thing I'm doing. So it'll be a systematic thing I guess.

Anyway, storyline's simple.

Much like 'Monster Hunter" you're some person who goes on quests for no reason really.
Pretty much all there is too it... :P


In battle and menus:
Use the mouse

In the overworld:
Arrow keys to move , A to interact , Space Bar to bring up main menu.

NOTE: MIGHT still be some glitches in it since it's only a demo of what I hope the finished product to be. So, if you do find any, tell me exactly what you were doing, e.g. "I was casting Fire" or something like that. Just to let me know where it is in the game so I can attempt to fix it.
So please try and test everything. Check all the working submenus of the main menus, check that you can buy stuff and equip it, check that it saves properly, etc.
But, don't say "I can't talk to this person" because I've yet to make most of the people in it interactive yet. So don't worry about that.

Other than that, it should be as fun as a demo for an RPG can be.

Happy playing!

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This game just has PWNAGE written all over it in bold letters! It's awesome! And it's not even the full version! I'd love to play the finished version! =D


This was really cool, I want to play the real game

AhrimanProductions responds:

Well, I'd say it won't be out for a while.
And thanks for watching and reviewing!


This is very cool how did you get such a detailed map to move scroll like that without lagging.

We should work on an RPG project together sometime XD

AhrimanProductions responds:

Sounds like a plan. But I'd say it'd be best if it waited until I've finished my current projects.
But if you've got any ideas, feel free to PM me with them.

Couldn't equip my armor.

Needs work. I went to equip my armor, and it took my sword off, but wouldn't put it back. I couldn't equip my armor, either.


1) Combat Music.
2) Combat Sound Effects
3) Clear menu commands.
4) viewable inventory...where's my stuff?
5) tutorial
6) pictures of gear

Should be good when you get the bugs worked out.

AhrimanProductions responds:

1) Of course there will be combat music.
2) I'll do my best to put some sound effects, but it's really hard to get good ones. Any good sources that you know of?
3) Clear menu commands? What does that mean?
4) I've yet to add an inventory but I will. I knew I was missing something.
5) In the menu, you may have noticed that "Help" button, I'll have the tutorial among other things in there.
6) I suppose I could whip up some pictures that show when you're checking out your gear.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Great Concept

The Monster Hunter series is awesome, and if it gets as difficult as missions go along as did in the real MH series, this game will too, be awesome. The equipment was giving me problems, I couldn't equip any items that I bought.. even for a demo that's bad. Hope to see alot of improvements and the full release of this out soon.

AhrimanProductions responds:

It will be improved a great deal, I assure you. This is just what I had done because I felt that I was getting tired of it so I postwed what I've got so far and since it got a pretty favourable score, I'll definitely get back to working on this one. Even for a demo, 3.14 is one of my highest scores... I think it's actually my 2nd highest. Kinda scary actually.

And yeah, there'll be a lot of improvements made, especially considering this was just what I've got done.

Thanks for taking the time to review!

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2009
7:36 AM EST