Froggy v1.0

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This is a story about Froggy the frog who is lost and wants to find a way home, which won't be easy. Help Froggy to go past all the troubles and get home.

If a fly is within the range of Froggy's tongue, you can catch it by holding the mouse button on it.

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Lots of Fun!

A teeny bit confusing at first but very colorful, very fun, and I thoroughly enjoy the music. The pace of the game is perfect. It does get difficult but I enjoy a good challenge. I find this to be hours of fun.

Really Really Frustrating!

I was really into the game and liking everything about it, but level 12 is impossible to beat for me. I hit all of the flies and don't let any reach the end of the screen, but I still don't have enough points to pass the level. None of the upgrades seem to give more points in that fly swatting level either. I wanted to keep playing, but was forced to quit because I can't beat that level no matter what I do.

Feels Funny

Froggy thought my peeny was a fly...

Decent idea.

Well this was slightly addictive, a positive trait in games on this site. Unfortunately the 'addictive' part to this games runs out rather soon with a strong level of repetition. Don't get me wrong, I do like how you've at least made intermittent games to divulge from the generic lily pad jumping, but there's only so far you can go with it.

I do enjoy specific rules within the levels, barriers, sinking lily pads. Those things are at least unique to specific levels. A lot of games like this suffer the problem of holding the same rules for each round, you've changed that, so well done.

The visuals are great, mind you. Nothing too advance is needed for birds eye but you didn't overdo it. Well done on that front. Character animation is also very smooth.

The sound... is actually quite good, and I didn't find it annoying. Which is hard to believe for constant fly sounds and the same repetitive soft music. Good use of sound effects not only for the frogs/flies, and a subtle choice in music made this game gold.

My only suggestion is a more diverse game, possibly something we can do with the points we accumulate. Level up our frogs? Buy things, because right now the point system is nothing more but a way to track points in a little flash game we won't go that far into.

Credits & Info

1.97 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2009
1:06 AM EST
Skill - Collect