Delaware Typathon

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Welcome back Delaware, its been a while.

After a few weeks of slacking off and watching too much TV, I have came back to bring you the latest in blob technology: Delaware Typathon

Delaware Typathon is a game which challenges the human mind. It preserves any initial intelligence and brings good to the mind itself. Why is this? Well I'm so thankful that you bothered with that question. It brings this powerful knowledge with the courtesy of letting us know why we need it. Its for our own good is all that we are given. For our brave strides and heroic deeds we are never left a single penny short of rebuttal. Our own selves are not even aware of what great passion we are subjected to with this masterpiece of unbelievable proportions. Not only has Delaware taught us how to love and hate, but he has taught as to think. To use our brains for something we never though of using them for: The art of typing. We humans, especially in this day in age, work around technology constantly. It only makes sense that we will need to learn how to use and eventually master it. Its not just a lifestyle, its a dream.

I got the idea for this game while playing a good old round of tennis. I thought, "Why play tennis when I can learn to type at the speed of sound?" And viola, this game came to be. A marvel of almost insidious length. Why, it is only necessary for such a game to exist in this time period. Without it, me might as well all turn into blobs ourselves (no offense to Delaware). But no creature, man or blob, should ever be judged by the shape of its head/body or the color of its skin/goo.

One last thing I would like to mention is that the intro music used for this game is no longer on the audio portal. This of course means I have to credit it the boring way.

-- Music --
My Son Named Dookie Head - Kingtaco16

-- Controls --
(Keyboard) - Everything you'll ever need
(P) - Pause

-- Hints --
- Always use your keyboard
- Only pause when there's a "P" on the screen, otherwise you will lose
- Always keep watch for mushrooms (Dont eat them)
- Take a good rest before playing all 50 levels consecutively
- Oh yeah, and you need Windows 8+ to play this

-- Credits --
Special thanks to TapedOn for reminding me that I never submitted this.

-- Work time --
3 weeks, 1 hour

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lol this game is fake, but hilarious XD

wow, do you guys even read that?

"Theres a blue screen of death"
"a bunch of drive errors"
Read them. They''re fing hilarious.

Haha, Genius!

Intelligence not found!
Humor not found!

lol, and the idiots still don't get it. Didn't save me much though, I just found a new game to rot my brains out on.


game doesn't work

just get a blue sceen of death and no game


all i got was a blue screen that metioned a whole buch of drive errors

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2.51 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2009
5:36 PM EST
Skill - Typing