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The Chimaera Stones RPG

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Author Comments

Create a three man Group of heroes to discover the secret behind an ancient artefact, hidden since the Wars of Magic! Fight different foes: wild animals; grim faced robbers and creatures of darkness! Develop your characters: there are seven sorts of weapon; over thirty different pieces of magic and many Skills to learn. Take part in another quest in the realm of Avael!

Hint: There is a key for the locked door in the rat crypt. But with a thief you can pick it.

Version 2.0.0 (final) is ready to play:
- Most important: You regenerate health and mana - resting is not needed any more.
- Health, Mana, Damage and AC are multiplied by 10: You now have 300 hits and and AC 25. Your weapon does 20-35 damage.
- Chances to hit, block and resist are described in %
- You can gather red, blue and yellow berries with your herblore skill.
- The effect of Charisma on spells is described more detailed in the spell descriptions.
- Added a spell overview to the char details and level-up view.
- Improved balancing a little bit with some surprises :-)

Hope you like it, now we're going to create the next adventure which you can enjoy with your party from "The Chimaera Stones".

Evil Developers

We updated the game to version 1.1.0-NG.HZ.
- You can collect animal skins if you have a Ranger.
- You can steal from people and get gold and/or items if you have the skill Trickery.
- Added so many new items, we needed to add two merchants as well.
- Improved some spells like Blur, Air Shield, Blinding Flash, Burning Mind.
- Added new spells: Poison, Firebolt Salvo, Great Heal, Antidote.
The changes take place in 24-48h.

We updated the game to version 1.0.3-NG.
- The magic items now costs in-game-money. Everyone who bought the items may write us a PM to get it back.
- Improved animations for Internet Explorer and other browsers.
- Added potions and other items to buy.
- Enemies now give you XP when killed. So does lockpicking.
- You hit more often - too oftern I think ;-)
- Other changes I don't remember

Hotfix 1.0.2-NGhf
- The heroes are walking faster. Seems a little bit hasty to me but maybe I'm getting old...

We updated the game to version 1.0.2-NG.
- There are medals in the highscore now which can be won by achieving special goals in the game.
- The special items "Ice Bow" and "Paralyse Poison" for Rangers and Shadows are improved.
- Some balancing changes.
The changes are activated in 24-48 hours.

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... Lembro-me de ter jogado em algum lugar este jogo no tempo da "velha escola"... Naquela época ainda não entendia muito destes jogos e ainda formava meu gostos de gêneros de jogos. Mas, ainda lembro-me de jogá-lo sem o "O Erro" e não pude acompanhar o sons, infelizmente, devido não gostar de jogar jogos com suas trilhas sonoras... Ainda sou um pouco assim... Mas, certamente The Chimaera Stones, Chronicles of Avael foi, e é, um jogos que lembrarei de tempos em tempos por sua qualidade de gameplay e história (o pouco que pude consegui entender até hoje...). Jogos deste tipo deviam, e devem, ter seu valor reconhecido...

I actually liked the music a lot back then. It went very well with the overall retro mediaeval feel. Too bad it's been five years since some kind of a "fatal error" exception caused the game to go mute forever.

game good but there is some bugs and no sound...

Overall good game, but some bugs need to work out

I'm enjoying the game, but I'm having trouble with the saves. Once I filled all the save slots, overwriting does not carry to the next gaming session.

i give u 7 stars dude the music is terrible

the music gets boring but i am gooing to play with my headset OFF

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2009
2:12 PM EST