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If you've ever wanted to slap around a McDonald's 'fry kid', have a thing for Pamela Anderson, or just hate clowns, then here's your game: the sequel to the much loved (and loathed) Super Chick Sisters!

This time your favourite feathered super hero siblings have manned up (literally) to the challenge of saving princess Pamela Anderson from the evil clutches of Ronald McDonald who wants to turn her into an unhappy meal. 5 adventure levels unfold in this tribute to the classic SMB series.

Wrestle with new enemies straight out of McDonald's twisted Playland, explore the ocean with the new 'Sea Kitten" powerup (that is, a chicken, wearing a mustache, dressed up like a fish, pretending to be a cat), and grapple with anti-gravity in a Super Mario Galaxy inspired space level - all in five different languages.

This light hearted platformer also has a real message to make; as well as rescuing the well endowed princess, your mission is also to save Nugget and Chickette's brothers and sisters from the harrowing fate of becoming McDonald's next feathered victims, or more specifically, to encourage McDonald's to adopt a more humane slaughter method in the USA as they do in Europe. On that note if you think a dose of McReality is too much for you to stomach I recommend trying the kid-friendly version of the game.

PC and MAC downloads of the game can be grabbed from www.mccruelty.com/superch icksisters.aspx?c=pmnscnk n09


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What's next? Sonic the cowhog?

Leaving aside the hate of people against PETA, who created this wonderful, in opinion, game, because it was absolutely atrocious, parodying the Super Mario Bros. game, Mario and Luigi being the inspiration of the main characters of these two flash games, Nugget and Chickette, respectively, on a quest to rescue PETA spokeswoman Pamela Anderson, but not only that, but the main characters of the original Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi, appears in the cutscenes of the game, making them being some buttmonkeys, in my opinion this flash game is pretty cute, due to it cartoonish, which is pretty suitable for the kid friendly vibe PETA! :) Another thing I love about these two games, are the soundtrack, and the sfx, especially the "Colonel Sanders"theme from the final battle of the first game, and from the second game I like the most the soundtrack of the clown Ronald McDonald! ^^About the story of this game, and the gameplay, for me they're not so bad, I used to play both of the games when I was 8 years old, like 3 hours, until I managed to defeat both of the bosses! ;) Btw, I also made two videos about both of the games, with full gameplay, at the highest quality, and without stupid commentary in it! ^^ If you want to see them, then here are the link of them :
1) Super Chick Sisters! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XnLeJAaB5g
2) NEW Super Chick Sisters! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsSU8Oic0M8


At least peta didnt forget about mcdonald

I hate PETA! They even critisised that mario 3d land is sponsoring killing tanukis (or tanookis(i dont really f**king care!!!!))!!!

What's next?... SONIC?!

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Nov 12, 2009
5:57 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop