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Underwater Racing

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Absorbing racing free Flash game by Free-Game-Station.com
Two fish take part in the underwater racing, choose the one to rule and go! Collect bonuses (round brings points, hot pepper is acceleration). Avoid clashing with different obstacles (stalactites, shark, turtle, and sea-horse); in case you collide you loose the speed.

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Now this one was good

I have to admit this was a fun game it has all the potential to being one of the best love the fresh graphics love the whole idea and you presented it pretty well and you made this game just fun overall now as for some improvement I could see you making some bonus levels like a mini bonus game of sorts anyways nice job on this game

Adding some medals to this would be cool and some mini bonus game


I thought it was good enough

I don't see why this has such a low score and low average score. Sure, it wasn't the flashiest of games, but it had a lot going towards it. I'm not quite sure how eating hot peppers would make you faster, especially under the ocean, but I still liked this. The characters were drawn nicely and it seemed pretty faithful to the "Finding Nemo" movie. I liked the use of coins and the use of hazards. For some reason, being hit turned it into steaks or something.

Fun the first time.

pretty much after that it wasn't as thrilling. the first time I saw the fish eat the chilli pepper and zoomed off I laughed, but after that it was just a race to see who could eat more Chilli Peppers.

I noticed the lack in animation, and that the opponent fish followed a constant track rather actually having an AI movement, it felt rushed and the controls felt about as good as an old Genesis Controller after my 4 year-old daughter got done playing with it and was eating a pop-sickle stick over it, I.E. sticky...

Good luck with your future titles, hopefully you take more time with developing them.

its fun for one shot

its fun for one shot but then i gets boring


Its done well, very smooth, but a boring after the first 30 seconds (: