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oh child

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A quick test of my programming skills (which you can probably tell suck).

Feedback would be nice.

edit: for better graphics, change quality to high...I know that it looks like it's already at that, but click on high if you want better graphics...

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good job darkmagewizard3! great game!


Pretty nice game. It wasn't really that bad, but I'm afraid the game needed a little bit of work, but anyway I was still impressed with this Adventure- Point 'n click game. This was about the first ever Adventure - Point n' Click game I've been playing in a very long time. Now, let's continue with my next paragraph, sounds like a plan?

The game on the beginning when you click that blue thingy, I couldn't really find the right code but actually I liked your difficulty style :D. I'm sure I played this game and won it before, but I forgot. I'm sure I played this game at the tenth of November.

I pretty much enjoyed a game from a beginner :D. If I could at least animate, I would make a game just like this but change the graphics and put diffculty which is Easy, Normal, or hard. I was impressed with your other game also, remember that other day? I bet you do.

Good game, but here are my darn scores:

Graphics: 8/10
Music: 8 & half/10
Concept: 6/10
Sounds: No sounds: Unknown
Creatively: 7/10
Game: 6/10
Rating Score: 3/5
One word: Good

Now I hope you love and enjoy my review. (Hopefully)

darkmagewizard3 responds:


Thanks for the feedback.

Decent on my standards.

I'm suprised the score for this is so low, I found it to be pretty entertaining. While there was not much of a challenge to the game, I like how you poked fun at yourself for not being good at programming. The animation could use some work here and there, and the clicking on the robot seemed unnecessary, but you put some jokes in there that were my sense of humor, so I felt satisfied at those points.

Point and click games most of the time have items, so maybe adding some items and other rooms would benefit the person playing. The music fit the game well, but length was also an issue that should be covered. It started out being mildly amusing, but then pretty much died out. Anyway, I hope I pinpointed some areas of improvement for you. Keep up the good work!

darkmagewizard3 responds:

Thanks a lot for reviewing, especially since I asked you to. I really should add animation and inventory; there really wasn't any. Glad you liked the jokes, though!

Nox Music?

In the very beginning of this game, I could have sworn that I heard that music from that old game called "Nox". You should definetly try to make a better version of this game, it seemed pretty good at the start but it was very short.

darkmagewizard3 responds:

Thank you sir. I'm not sure what Nox is but I got the music from the audio portal; if it's stolen, well then...

barely passable

Its not completed,obviously for starters. looks very rushed and the story is a meh(if one is even present). The two other options just shows a red screen making the whole game pointless if the whole thing ends with you just getting a red screen with "end" to follow it.

darkmagewizard3 responds:

There's not really any story; I guess one would have helped though. I made this in two days, though, which is something to say for my short attention span. Thanks for reviewing.