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Terra Strike by Pelle Abrahamsson

**updated to ver 1.101**
minor fix
**updated to ver 1.1**
**fixed dire buggs and added option for auto switch**
The story continues from the previous episode at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/505002
And another endeavor awaits Conrad and Cristofer

This mighty beast of a game takes time to load and even the loading screen is a bit sluggish sometimes so take the time to fetch a drink.

It also takes power to run and it will run less good on old computers
But if you turn the quality down to medium you should manage on 3 year olds.

A,s,w,d, moves armor-unit , q switch to next armor-unit, mouse press to fire

Arrow keys navigates around map

You will have to figure out most things by yourself in this game.

Armored combat is not for the weak-hearted it will be a challenge.

If you manage to beat it you can save your game and continue with your items + stats in the next episode.

Have fun and enjoy,



hey there again

I like the change you made with the autoswitch option, but maybe consider extending it to also the automatic switch to the enemy's turn as well. it can be a little disorienting if the enemy all of a sudden starts moving, even if there is no movement left.

like you might have mentioned, it is a little annoying not to be able to reload the game directly from save data - or to exit and go to the main menu. I feel like the mission is kind of unnecessarily hard. It's almost impossible without repair kits, and then by the time you get it, it kinda isn't as fun. Maybe if the tanks weren't as blood thirsty or were a little slower.

Otherwise, I still really like this series, and I would like to see if you can make some gameplay innovations.

Pretty good....

The trick is (at least as far as I found) to get them into close combat with the rifle guy while the mortar stays a bit back and bombards the enemies, moving in when rifle guy needs to fall back to keep from dying. I had to go back and redo the first one and load up rifle guy with repair kits. Good game, hope there is another soon. Only thing is, I would tweak the mortar so that it never fires off to the side randomly. That's annoying.

Didn't like it so much

For games like this, I usually play in order. Thus, I fired up your previous entry in the series, but I'll review both in this one, as the gameplay is identical. (hope that's fine with you)

For one thing, it seems that you basically designed and programmed the entire game by yourself. It also seems you're trying to make a full fledged series. I think that's pretty admirable.

The gameplay style itself is actually innovative. Your turn gauge also serves as your evasion during enemy turns, and you can dish out long and short range attacks.

It's good that the game can load the save file from the previous game. However, it's not perfect, though. I clearly remember buying some repair kits in the first game, one for each character, and then placing them in the inventory. However, when I load the save file up, they are gone, replaced by junk parts.
It's as if the 600 kr I spent is gone. I wonder if the game removes the aim assister accessories I bought as well.

There is mech combat, yes, but I didn't really perceive much of a story in the first part, though, as there wasn't much signs of a conflict. (The red drones could simply be target practice for all I care.). Although this may be too much of a request, I do recommend to check out some fiction or dramatic writing guides on plot and conflict to improve the storyline.

In the first mission of this game, you have to save sheep. While I have no qualms about the idea, in game, I believe this doesn't work. It's not as if you can move your mechs so quickly if you want to survive the assaults from the enemies. (the player should conserve fuel to be able to evade attacks). Just two or three turns, and then half (or more) of the sheep are dead. Only a couple turns will pass and the enemy tanks will have crushed enough sheep to send you to game over.

To try to stop this, you need to move fast. But you can't afford to move fast or else you can't evade well, and your mechs can't take more than a few shots from the missilers either.

In both games, both the machine gun and the mortar for field attacks are unreliable. The machine gun sprays in such a crazy pattern fan. No matter what range you are at, only a few shots will hit, and when I say a few, I mean like two or three out of a dozen shots (and consequentially, a good chunk of your blue turn gauge)

The mortar is actually a bit more useful, although it does some pretty crazy stuff. Even if you hold the trigger for the same amount of time, it seems to fire with different distances. The mortar occasionally fires a shot to the side of the robot. (I find that hard to believe, unless either the pilot or the launcher is that horrible). More than a few times, what I saw what seems to be a good hit on the enemy drone, (most of the red sphere seemed to cover the drone), was treated as a miss in-game.

The weapon inaccuracy isn't much of an issue in the previous game, as you have as many turns as you need to finish either mission, but in this one, with such strict time limits, even one missed mortar shot can really ruin everything.

The game annoyingly autoswitches to the next unit if you burn all the meter of the first one and the second one still has meter. This is such a horrible game design decision, as when it does happen when you're holding down one of the move keys, the cursor will switch to the second mech and move that one, thus wasting some movement. In one case, I even moved the second mech right on top of some sheep that I had stopped next to. It is already good enough that you have a button to switch between mechs (and you can even click on one of them). NO need for the autoswitch!

Lastly, when I lose after loading the saved game file and hit the restart button, the mission loads up again-but without my saved data. (The mission begins with the quickstart setup). I don't know if the way you lose the mission has anything to do with this, but I also know that hitting that button on other occasions will send you back to the menu. What is it supposed to do, then?

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Legenden-Gotland responds:

auurg! lots of isues on this version!
well the repairkits does load in proper wen i run but i messed a bit with the pickup item so that when you pick up junk it will replace the first item in your inventory. thats what hapend to your medkit probobly, i have to fix this quick.

when you lose on loeded game just load the game again from the loading menu i havnt managed to fix reset from data.

il put in a option so that you can turn the autoswich off.

thanks for the usefull info, it helps a lot on improvement

btw did you manage to finish M2 without the repairkits?


Nice Game, 10-10, 5-5.

Not Bad

Sorta only works every once and a while, but when it does work its not bad, I Don't care for the way it shoots and its sorta sloppy or at least on my pc it runs sloppy.... Looks like you put a lot of time into it though

Legenden-Gotland responds:

turn down the gfx in flash to medium and its should run good

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2009
11:31 AM EST
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