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Make sure you can don't touch the "tube" walls, or you'll make that tube a "cannon" for your enemy !


It's ok

Even after the tutorial, I was still confused a bit as to what was what, mostly because there's no real contrast as to what is what... provide a bit of color contrast and it'd probably be better


Not bad heh, unique but, maybe add new level layouts


Like most of these, interesting concept, but the scoring doesn't seem to work quite right (game will end while ball is just bouncing back and forth). Also the powerups don't seem to do much of anything. And in Vs. CPU mode even when the tubes are hit off of the CPU's shot his pad speeds up, Powerups/downs also do not effect the CPU. The Orange energy seems to do little to nothing for your player in Vs. CPU as well. It may be worth a replay if it gets fixed, as it stands now it isn't very fun.


I actually quite like this game - it's smooth, very playable, simple, has a reasonable power up/down system as well as the environmental modifiers, and is overall just the kind of thing you could load up and play anytime to waste a couple of minutes. Plus you made it harder than the actual original Pong, and holy shit, it sure is difficult; but in the best kind of way. It doesn't leave you frustrated, only determined.

As a side note, I liked the electronics-style graphics theme, too.

My only gripe is that you have to go through not only the sluggish-ass Mochigames scoreboard system, but a video ad as well just to play another game. That's really damn annoying, don't do that.

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2.78 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2009
11:07 AM EST
Sports - Other