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Fight to get the exit in this retro styled shooter. Collect the shield icons to increase your fire power and destroy the enemies along the way.

It's a little basic, but it took me a week to make and was fun to do so. I made this using the Flixel engine - http://flixel.org/

Controls: Arrow keys to move and mouse to aim, left click (and hold) to fire.
You can also use the WASD keys to move.

SOUND: 0 (zero) to mute, + / - to adjust the volume, click outside the game to pause

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Not so bad...

Quiet repetitive, but still fun to play.

Needs some variety

I have no idea why I played all 100 levels of this. While the gameplay was pretty solid, there was not enough variety to justify so many levels. Throw in a couple of boss fights or something, because otherwise it just becomes rather tedious.


Game: Very Repetitive, yet kind of addicting if you want to kill some time.

Now.. I give you a ten because i think that every game here on NG, should have what this game have. And that is, that when u click outside the game box.. it pauses. That's just superb.

Quite addicting

This is a very underappreciated game, in my opinion. I thought it was nice how it was just simply so easy and there wasn't anything really complicated about it. It was a pretty original idea, being the virus itself and fighting the cells helping the body. It was cool how you could go through the exit anytime you wanted and save your score and place! The graphics aren't the greatest, and the background is kind of lacking. But the thing is, I can just really get into these types of games!

Really rather dull

Far too easy and horribly paced.

I had max lives all the way through to lvl 65. (at which point I despaired that the game would ever end and gave up) Which brings me to my other point. Cut the game down to about 20 levels. At most. There's not even close to enough going on to make it last more than 20, let alone 100 levels. Given that the triangles are exactly the same as the initial squares, there's literally nothing new at all inside the first 50 levels or so. Not to mention that a good 15 of the levels I played, I spawned two feet away from the exit.

Not to mention, the music isn't worth listening to 100 times in a row.

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3.68 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
6:47 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun