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Stick Figure Badminton

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Author Comments

I thought a badminton flash game would be fun to make, so here it is. Thanks to stickpage for sponsoring the game.

I know the keyboard controls can take some getting used to. The robot mode was pretty much put in for people that wanted to play mouse only/didn't like the keyboard controls. The game also might be too easy now, a lot of people thought it was too hard before. Please leave some feedback!

Controls: Arrows/WASD or Mouse

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i beat spike in 1 try whoot

good game

a really addicting game. a forgotten game. a legendary game

I liKe iT

It's Fast to Load


I beated world champ! Really gooood game!

For a stick game, it's sweet.

It was actually fun for a bit. (although I don't really recall badminton being played indoors so that the birdie can hit the wall and still be counted inbounds, but oh well).

Regarding keyboard controls, I actually used the a s and w keys for movement and the down key for the racket so I can use both hands. As soon as I got adjusted to how it played, the game was easy. Then again, the computer is scripted to make mistakes too quickly.

It actually had an ending to the vs. CPU mode too. (Okay, it's just an newspaper clip, but still).

Was it really hard before? Was it because you initially programmed the computer player to be too good at returning volleys? You should have left that hard mode in game.