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A Midnight Stroll

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A couple stricken by misfortune while on a quiet walk, or so it seems. Classical platformer that requires some skill and precision.

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Heh, in the night, all things can happen. :) Nice work makng a regular walk into an adventure, though the main character is all but normal. Nice textures for backgrounds, and smooth controls. It's a good game!


It's okay, although it can still improve.

I kind of liked it, merely for nostalgia purposes. The style of this platforming game was similar to concepts for games and dreams that I had thought about as a kid. Graphics are actually pretty good on most of the levels.

Although the walk speed is slow by current game standards, it fits the design of the game. Otherwise, many of the jumps and obstacles would be way too easy. The last stage in particular would have been a breeze. Faster walking is suitable for platforming games that scroll sideways for long stretches, but not for stuff like this.

Some of the jumps were really ridiculous though, and require you to be at the very tip of the platform to make it. (the third level with the spikes, for example). At times, I didn't know what would kill me and what wouldn't. (The white light coming from that the statue is lethal?).

Neither obstacles are that much of a hinderance, as you respawn almost immediately and you can't really die. But I think that's a problem. The game could probably benefited from having a set number of lives to complete the whole thing so that the player actually feels the risk of death.
It could alienate some players, but at least having lives would add tension.

Finally, the story... well, it's not really that good. Yeah, I know that games aren't exactly the best storytelling medium (it's still under trial even now) but I can imagine of some things you could have done instead.

Pointers about the story (PLOT SPOILERS below)

It's good that you tried to have some sort of story, but it did seem kind of awkward and out of place. First, there's some random stuff about the weather and the park, and then I suppose you opted for tension by causing a random disaster when both characters were trying to say something. Then the sewer grate that she fell through mysteriously cannot be opened from the top anymore. This does sound coincidential, but as it's the starting disaster, it's acceptable.

Some tips for the storytelling:
Cut the weather stuff. That's just padding.
If you were going for the psychological madness kind of effect from going through hell and back to rescue her, you shouldn't have interrupted right before they were going to speak their thoughts. It should have been like this:

Perhaps the male character already makes his quip about Rick, and they argue, (she could be denying the claims) and then his companion falls into the tube.
He's like "Oh no. What have I done? I can't leave her down there."

Then the ending is with the reconciliation. ("I'm so sorry," he says) And then, it would feel as if the hero proved his worth.

That, combined with employing a set number of lives system, would have made it feel like the protagonist actually has something to lose in this rescue-his life, that is. The above probably sounds corny, but I think it's better than what's written.


Nice idea, and cool game, but its just too slow. :( Otherwise is awesome :)

graphics are




It's okay.

I can't quote the music, I had it on mute.

The controls were a bit annoying, I kept trying to stop myself because I found myself gliding along the platforms, thus falling off and dieing.

I kept dieing at the part when I'm trying to avoid the white light, the gap kind of was a bit big. I think you should be allowed to start again at the platform next to the statue, not at the spikes that took me a while.

The walking was VERY slow. That annoyed me a bit, then you slid along as if you were on ice.

I wasn't too pleased with this game, sorry.

Try making more easier controls, where you stop as soon as you land, rather than glide.

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4.18 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
9:22 AM EST