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Final Fantasy Pits RPG

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Hey everyone, This is the demo of Final Fantasy: the Pits Of Flash, a game I made 10 years ago and was very highly rated on NEWGROUNDS at the time. It was the first RPG on Newgrounds. Now 10 years later, it has returned. Enjoy it or hate it. whatever I do not care. I just had to re-make this for myself I really don't care what any of you think.

I would have made the graphics better and stuff but I wanted to stay true to the original in almost every way. well here it is. take it easy.

ALSO check out the PARODY of this RPG game made by someone way back when it came out here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/6739

Parody was made by piro1 in 2000. Proving its age.

Hey guys. A few of you find the end battle too difficult so I made the potions heal 50 points instead of 25, I also fixed some glitches within the game.

Nah that was way too easy, Instead I made the system more responsive. The potions are back to 25, the battle is not the easiest, but you have to be quick in battle. No waiting around, the enemy will not wait its turn it will keep attacking you.

It should be 100% now. enjoy.


This is a demo. Only submit finished games.

One thing

You should have taken yourself seriously again and then put a message to vote 5 every day if you want to see the full version.


The stuff legends are made of.

If you could all only know. This was on the charts in October 2000. Where has time gone? Newgrounds, Problems of the Future, Today. How right you were Tom.

Ahh the good old days are gone,when we were all doing this for the fun of it, cause we had nothing better to do, now its all about money and so much is lost... so much is lost. At least we were able to record those times in ways such as this.

I love old skool NG

Glad someone is keeping the old NG legacy alive. Back when things were simple. Blundercats. Dragonball Wassup. Classic stuff..

unknown34 responds:

I wont forget it man haha, I was def there, I remember the old days all too well. I remember your star wars lo mein animation from about 9 years ago haha. Its funny.Just getting into flash again. But yea newgrounds will never be what it was.

this is cool

dude,i love this,its old,but its great,if it was made into a full game,it would be great,but still,you just cant make an NG classic better,great job man

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2.93 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2009
1:28 AM EST
Adventure - RPG