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Ostrich Racer!

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Author Comments

Experience the sleek, dazzling life of a professional Ostrich trainer in this SIM/RPG game!

Be warned, this game is not an action game and contains no explosions or severed limbs :P
If you like Sim style games or just love gambling, this is a game for you!
If not, don't worry, my next game will be action.

All the instructions are in-game, but here are some key points:
- Save and load in the options menu on the home screen, as well as reset game button.
- You can improve your ostrich by either training it a lot or buying a faster one.
- If you take a loan, try and pay it off as soon as possible
- Main races are on Saturday, local races are on Wednesday
- Move your mouse over the box in the top left of the main map screen to see all your relevant stats

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i think it shoud give more info on how to play

Not bad, but could use some work

The training seems to occasionally give a wrong answer, which, added to the fact that the letters are extremely blurred becuase of their speed makes it almost impossible to pass the 95% mark (two mistakes means nothing gained and a whole day gone...)

Doing anything costs money, in fact just feeding your ostrich and paying for a trainer costs as much as you win per week even if you gain first place. Basically the only thing you can afford to do is train every day... this get boring pretty fast.

That being said, the concept is nice and the artwork is not bad at all. With some work on the gameplay, this could be a really nice game. Keep up the hard work :)

Chrispington responds:

You forgot about gambling :P
That's the main point.

But yeah, the training gets harder the faster your ostrich is, so if it seems suddenly really hard you probably purchased one of the fast ostriches instead of gradually training it up.
The prize money increases as you go up divisions, it CAN pay your bills but not if you bankrupt near the start.
Also, the most expensive trainer can keep your ostrich in better condition than you training your ostrich every day, so once you're earning enough there's no need to train manually.
Try some diff tactics :P

it´s ok

it´s cool at the beginning but i think it gets a bit lame when you play it longer. but still a good work keep it up

Chrispington responds:

Thanks for the review

gotta learn to type

if you can't type 20 WPM without looking at the keyboard you have to play half-assed (read cheat) to win.

Chrispington responds:

You can win without training your ostrich yourself or cheating, it's just hard :P

Easy to exploit

While it was a fun game, the loan shark makes this game too easy to exploit. Basically I bought the best ostrich I could, took out the biggest loan I could, saved the game, and then just continuously bet on random ostriches until I won a ridiculous sum of money. Once I did that, I was able to buy the best ostrich in the game, put him in the best training program, buy all the food I'd ever need, and hired the best trainer there was. From there on all I did was keep 3 grand on me to pay the rent, and sleep until it was time to do the next race. Nice idea for a game though. Thanks for the submission!

Chrispington responds:

Yeah I know, that's what I said to Mo about the whole save-loading thing. Waaay to easy to exploit, but he insisted on putting it in.

Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2009
1:15 AM EST