Spaceship Avoid

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This is my first submission to newgrounds.com.
This is inspired by a similar game I played years ago. Tried searching for that game, but to avail, so I might as well make my own.

This version is in what I consider EASY mode.

If you can last 10 secs: GOOD!
If you can last 5 secs: TRY HARDER!
If you can last 3 secs: YOU S**K!




Decent...Kept me annoyed for the better part of 30 minutes before I finally broke 10 seconds...


Its to hard my highscore was 8..

15.58333 seconds of survival.

Voted 5/5, even if it's not the best game in the world and is sort of easy of doing since all you need is some hitTest and "Instance._X += 1 //For moving", but it's your first submission, why should I take a too hard sense of judgement?

Note: Just move to the down-right edge of the screen and keep dodging until you get 15 seconds. So, you are right: this is the easy version and I have no idea of how to make a hard one without turning it impossible by adding more balls. So, I want to see the hard version since I am curious to see a hard version.

Orverall: looks like a demo version because IT IS a demo version or an easy version as you prefer to say. Do not vote rough on it.

Deserves a 3

Well, it's very short I can say that, but does not offer an alternate modes, extras, basically, the game is lacking a game, sorry to say.


It's okay i guess, the game mechanics worked quite well. However, there was no backstory whatsoever and the graphics sucked you have potential though.

Keep trying

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1.77 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2009
6:42 AM EST
Skill - Avoid