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This is a game where you have to combat everything... the environment, the enemies, the bosses, but worst of all, yourself... In this game, your ammo bounces back around the arena, so get ready for a fast-paced action shooter with powerups!

This is a game I made which is supposed to be the sequel to my other game RubberTank. But in the end, it went through to many changes (for the better :) ) to be called a direct sequel.

-Fixed some achievements.
-Added Arrow Key and Ctrl support.

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almost a total winner

in every aspect, however - I would have liked to see a larger stage.

Also, although it doesn't hav, e anything to do with gameplay, I found the fonts you used for the play again and quit options after yyou die to be impossible to read, way too small.

That's easy to fix though.

Well done!

Not bad...

"It'll get your attention quick; The graphics are clean but small and the audio sounds tight, controls are spot-on. Well executed. Good job."............vp

This is pretty good

the only thing i'd look into would be having more lives, maybe a bigger area, and i'm not sure where the powerups that you mentioned were maybe i just didn't get far enough. Other then that it was really fun.

Not bad...

smooth graphics, good music, and easy controls. it would be nice to have a larger arena and mabe tighter controls. Still was fun.

Only two words

Too difficult

Knyszekanimated responds:

haha, yeah, I suppose it is somewhat difficult. After you get some powerups, it should be more casual. You shouldn't worry if you don't get too far at first.