Halloween Music

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Author Comments

This is my Halloween 2009 Entry, and I haven't made games or movies in a while!

This is a game where you have to Avoid everything in-game, just like Streamline. While everything is moving in-game like the music, all you have to do is to avoid them and get the highest rank by not losing a life!

Please don't judge this game by it's layout, graphics or the bad synch! This game was made Non-Stop in over 5 Hours, and I really wanted to submit something to the Newgrounds Halloween 2009 Event! Please don't take this too seriously, but try relaxing a bit, and play this fun short game!

There are 10 Ranks in totaly, depending on how many lives you've got left when the game is over. Can you get the Highest Rank?

And the worst thing was, that making Rhythm-Based Flash Games was Harder than I thought, much Harder. And it's also my first try on Music Games!


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Cool game

Fun game nice rhythm set up it took me a sec to understand what to do but after words it became fun, good graphics kinda seizuretastic ( to me thats a good thing)


Dont understand why everyone here dont like this game i love it!! I would like it if there was some more to it though like a timer to see how long you last or points for how long you last and deductions when you die and stuff but other than that i had fun. Oh and also That damn laser lol i hardly ever didnt get get by it but great game:)

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks alot, and I'll try to improve my next Rhythm-Based Flash Game, which won't be until a while. After this game, I've got alot to think about for my next game + my next Rhythm Game!

And it is true. There is ALWAYS SOMEONE who appriciate someones work, always at least one person. And you're the one here :D



but it could have better if you had graphics and not just x's and o's

Prid-Outing responds:

The X's are supposed to tell you where the Vibrations (O's) will appear!!!

And thanks for at least liking it :D

this is really boring

I liked how it responded to the music and everything, but the game is just really boring and it controls like shit


Man the fact that someone made a game with my song in it is pretty awesome, but I love how you made it fit with the music.

It made me feel tingly haha.

Nice work!!!

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks, and your Music is also really Awesome :D


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1.85 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2009
8:31 PM EDT