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You're a pumpkin. And you can smash through stuff.

This game is the result of not doing homework for two weeks straight. Created for Newgrounds Halloween '09, with the hopes of having a shot at the contest. 30 tasks, infinite levels, 7 powerup levels, infinite powerup strength potential. It's up to you how to play.

By the way, if you find any bugs in the game, please tell me - I'm pretty sure I got most of them but not sure if I weeded all of them out.


Arrow Keys to move
SHIFT - Speed Boost
P - Pause
Q - Toggle Quality
R - Teleport back to base
W - Fire seeds (once powerup is bought)
S - Bomb (once powerup is bought)
D - Vine Whip (once powerup is bought)

Q. When I hit the wizard or cauldron and exit, the window pops up again! Why?
A. This has to do with the physics of the game - your velocity is stored after you hit the wizard/cauldron and stop and sometimes it doesn't reset to 0 and ends up continually rolling you into the wizard/cauldron. For now, you should try your best to deal with it, but I'll try to get rid of it.

Q. What are the three graves for in the middle of the grass?
A. They were originally prototype items - I wanted to make it so that when they hit enemies at a certain speed, they also did damage. However, I never got to programming that in, so I left them as is in the middle of the grass. They're just there to have fun with and bounce around.

Good luck playing.

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A decent Halloween game

This game was alright i suppose,the animation looked really good but the control was a little difficult to handle and overall the game was too hard and not that appealing really,nice try and i'm sure others can enjoy it but it's not my cup of tea but you still get a good score from me for effort.