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Number to Number Combat

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Author Comments

The game is pretty simple, you are the left player and you have to defeat your opponent by finding the right answer to the addition/subtraction on the left side. You level up after every combat :

Strength : More damage you will make.
Defense : Less damage you will receive.
Luck : More chance you get to make a critical hit (You hear a sound of divine awe)

I did not have enough time this week to built an online score system, so please post your score here with your stat! I did level 44 with 82-6-1 (S-D-L).

P.S. You can use the keyboard as well.

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Practically Perfect for the time given

Very well done, the gameplay is smooth (I particularly appreciated how the next math problem was presented instantaneously), and I could find no real complaints for the time given. It could've been a little more experimental, and the numbers could have been reversed to match the standard keyboard numpad number arrangement, and the art could have been better, but those are inconsequential.
I got to level 13 with luck of 22 before I decided to quit.

Improves reflexes (I think)

It doesn't improve math skills at all (unless the player's in kindergarten or something); rather, it strengthens the reflexes to calculate single digits (and in totals not less than 1 and exceeding 9). This game's actually quite useful to build up hand-eye coordination and dexterity with the Number Pad (the latter is good if you're entering data into spreadsheets rapidly or something like that.)

In fact, it's a good thing you implemented the number pad controls, as I felt that mouse control to click on number buttons is way too slow.

I felt that the stats system is there to influence how fast each match lasts. By emphasizing attack, matches are very quick-you deal so much damage, but so does the opponent. By emphasizing defense, matches are extremely long, more like an endurance round. Luck and the random critical hits to go with it probably don't have a place in this game, but that's just me.

As for the art, I didn't really care, and neither should anyone, as the player focus should be solely on the computations. (Look somewhere else for pretty graphics-you won't find them here). An option to change the background color and the line colors could be useful, as staring into a mostly black screen can be depressing.

The sound effects are only needed to confirm hits-so ideally they should be different when the opponent hits or when the player hits.

My main gripe is that the minimum damage inflicted on either the enemy or player should be set at 1, not 0.
Also, what's the point in locking the attributes in after each match. Wouldn't It be better if the player gets to redistribute all of the total earned points as one sees fit before each match.

SoftHope responds:

Thank you a lot for the good comment. I was looking to explore some new mechanics with this game, I spent more time tweaking the mechanics than drawing and designing the interface. I am glad that you do not mind the poor graphic quality. As a game based on interaction, I decided to spend the least amount of time possible on the graphics. However, It could definitely use other colours. If I was making a commercial game out of it, I will spend a lot more time in the graphics.

ohhhhhh math

comon is that all you got? I want to see some polynomials and variables. too easy :p

groovy game. I like killing people with math mwahahaha

SoftHope responds:

Just wait for Number To Number Combat ver 2.0 :P I wanted to keep the possibility to [1..9] to simplify the imput.


This is really fun and helps my math skills, you should improve the graphics though. :)

SoftHope responds:

Great comment thank you!

Some fun

Simple, easy. They're also one or two things that I dislike a little:
- It's always the same sound for hitting your ennemy, being hitten... same way for critical attack... maybe some more sounds will be interresting.
- Black & White... I don't hate that, but the faces seems to be made fast... some well made characters with animations will be enjoyable.

I can also suggest you to add "speed" for the player (the player don't answer faster, but the AI is slow if he doesn't have
You can also add a difficulty to the AI, and some mods (survival, speed battle...) for not letting the player have only a little game.

Anyway, even if you worked hard or not, it's a pleasant game (and a little funny... I like the flower-fighter :P).

SoftHope responds:

Thank you for the great constructive criticism. I agree a lot with what you have pointed out, I made the game in 5 days (including the time it took to learn flash), so I agree that there are a lot of improvements that could be made in order to get the game to the next level.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2009
2:53 PM EDT