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Honey Tree Defence

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Author Comments

Honey Tree Defence is a fun defensive shooter game where you can upgrade your weapon and bee hive in order to help keep the bear's from eating all of the honey!

There are 25 levels and 2 bosses.

You can also compete for a high score.

Thanks for playing!

Game was developed by DMITRIY Zaljotov & DMITRIY Fyodorov
Soundtrack written by Anton Popov

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fun fun fun)))))
Nice game.

very fun

i do agree that all in all, there are a few things that would have been nice 2 know, i had 2 play the game twice b4 i figured out exactly what everything was, i actualy made it about 17 give or take a few lvls without knowing that you could restore your health, the power ups are awsom, nothing is outragosly priced and every thing seems to mesh with the game just right, you should add a quick tutorial lvl or somthing so that ppl know exactly what does what, because it took me a few lvls (about 5 or 6) to find all the upgrades for the bees and the pig, and i didn't know that you could upgrade the powerups for a few lvls afterwards, but all in all a great game and fun 2 play.

nkiegrea responds:

good points. thanks!

on a side note: the reloading bug has been fixed and a new version of the .swf has been uploaded.

winny the pooh strikes again

able to hold my attention span for longer than 5 sec 10/10
boring 0/10
creative 10/10
graphics 7/10 but ill let it slide to 10/10
but why is it a pig deffending it

Decent game, but requires a little more work

While it might not have the variety of weapons and such as in other games, it doesn't need them, as it has its own unique concept of fighting. I haven't seen any other games that involve bees defending their hive.

I feel that the amount of damage increased per upgrade is fairly balanced as the game goes on-the gun doesn't do too little damagel that it's impossible to kill anything (provided you aim for balloons), yet not too much that foes in the later stages go down with a few shots. The cooldown times of the three abilities are just right, too. Rage especially was important of the three abilities, as it allows a player to kill the most hardened of enemies.

I didn't need the reload glitch to finish the game. Heck, I didn't even know that there was a pause button until after playing and then reading what other PacificNoob said about it. He also states that you need to press R to do the glitch, but you don't need to, (just pausing and then unpausing after waiting works). I'd assume that you didn't freeze the cooldown timer for the reload when you implemented the pause feature.

I do think that you need a manual reload button (typically mapped to the R key on these types of games), instead of making players drain their clip just to do so. And if you do so, you should add in-game controls descriptions (even for just the pause feature).

You added a continue feature, which is good. However, I did find another glitch: when using the continue function, the game's music starts again while the first instance of that music track is still going on-thus two instances of the music track are playing at the same time, creating an unbearable cacophony. I've tried two browsers (Opera and Firefox) to determine if it's just a browser issue, but discovered it happens for both of them.

The game could use a feature to partially restore health. It was annoying to do all my upgrades and then forget that I only have 200 or so health points and no way to restore because I couldn't foot the cost of the full restore. Well, I was careless, but then again, surviving one of the latter stages (level 23, I believe) with only 186 health from start to finish was quite something. Perhaps 100 or 250 health point restores that are more expensive per point restored than the full restore could be implemented (it's totally your call if you refuse to do this). Also, label the full health restore as such too: at first, it was a mystery as to what that button next to the bee upgrades were.

Finally, it could have had a Final Boss! (you could have placed one right after wave 25) Why have boss encounters up to that point and only end with a swarm of enemies? That was anticlimactic, to say the least.

All in all, it's still a good game, albeit with a few glitches.

nkiegrea responds:

thanks for the great reply.. i will def consider all of your suggestions! Cheers!


UGH! I got so far SO FAR! Then I accidentally hit my back page button on my mouse... I got to the level where they are all super fast T_T fun FUN game though!

nkiegrea responds:

That is probably the last level (25) .. You were so close! :-)

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2009
4:38 PM EDT