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Hell Tour

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On the eve of HALLOWEEN, you wake up realizing that you are in HELL! The only way to get out of here is to make your way to deepest level of hell, and reason with the devil himself.
18 levels of hell.
Find the key to unlock the door.

Tips: remember to max at least one of your stats!

Happy Halloween!

v1.06 update
added one more level. Total of 19 levels.

v1.07 update
reduce price for most of the items. Now it is easier to max up your stats!
Tips: Greed is important, level up to level 10 asap to get more $$$!

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I actually found this pretty decent.

Amazing cheat

Great game and i have a cheat
1. find an enemy who's attack is lower than your defense and who's defense is higher than your attack.
2. Get next to that enemy
3. attack continuosly
4. your soul will go up

I hope this helps!


Extremely addictive!
I have now played through most of your games, and am loving the themse and stuff of them. Keep it up!

Halloween Puzzle Adventure RPG

Nifty concept. If you have trouble getting maxed stats, here is a mini guide

Level 1
nothing. get the key and find the door.

level 2
Nothing, but you get a Level-Up token. Use it for greed.

level 3
3 enemies. Use the Level-up to replenish soul when it hits 10 or lower.
Upgrade greed.

level 4
7 enemies
kill them and upgrade greed.

level 5
13 monsters.
New monster on this floor has 5 defense. Upgrade attack once to kill it, then go for greed.

level 6
16 enemies
Buy another Level-up here. You need it to restore soul when it gets low. If you get to the shop too early, you won't be able to afford the Level-up. Get there too late and you run out of soul. Use greed for both levels.

level 7
8 monsters. Small level. Kill baddies. When Soul is low, upgrade greed to restore soul.

level 8
16 enemies
You have a new baddie with high soul. When your soul gets low, use your level-ups for defense until it is maxed. This will help you survive fights and once defense is maxed, it gives you a free level-up each time you enter a new stage. Buy a levelup here.

level 9
23 enemies
New baddie, the dog, should pose no threat if you've been building defense. Kill all enemies and buy 3 level-ups.

level 10
29 enemies
If you leveled defense, the new baddie's 40 att won't even scratch you.
Kill baddies and you can buy max defense. Be sure to do so before the exit to get the free level-up on next stage.

level 11
36 enemies
New enemy has high def. Use two level-ups on attack to pierce his def. Start upgrading move to get free destroy obstacles.

level 12
44 enemies
You should have enough by the end of this level to almost max movement. New enemy, but he won't be able to hurt you.

level 13
48 enemies
New enemy is tough, but you can beat it. You should have some Remove Obstacles. Use them to earn money to increase attack. At Attack 11, you start earning knives. Save the knives for the goat monsters in later levels.

level 14
No baddies, but watch for pits. If you maxed move, you can earn $500.
Zoom out is useful here.

level 15
34 enemies
After this level, defense, attack and movement should be maxed. You can put one level in Greed or sight if you wish now for convenience if you wish. I recommend at least 12 points in soul.

level 16
44 enemies
The goats are the toughest baddie. You will either need two regeneration/level-ups or a knife to kill them. Use knives only for goats. Your regeneration should be high enough to get you some free regenerations.

level 17
Big empty. Destroy 10 pits, buy a level-up and vamoose.

level 18
54 enemies
Use knives on goats. level-up anything not filled up.

level 19
5 devil 20 goat 5 pits
Stab goats. Destroy pits. Punch devils. Level-up all stats. I ended up with 2 extra level-ups and $375 dollars.

wilsonbb responds:

wow! Very nice guide~ Thanks~
I would give you a score 10 if I can rate comments :)

Very fun

Great addictive game! I didn't want it to be over until I maxed out all my stats lol I am curious however, as to how one would go about maxing all stats?

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2009
2:24 PM EDT