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Author Comments

Hey, this is my second submission to Newgrounds!
In H4CK0R you will need to steal an unknowing persons bank information and then transfer his/her money to your own account! Obviously you don't want to be caught, so beware!

I'd recommend looking through help at least once.

Oh, if you are stuck try looking for similar batch commands on youtube or something. Like how to change Administrators password!

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CAnT ReMeMbEr ThE CoDe

I'm stuck here... How can you even use the locate and hack commands if it doesn't let you type in what to find.

It's okay, but could be improved

I managed to finish it. It is a good game, if you got the patience to try all the commands that come in your head. After closing the antivirus, I was totally lost on what to do. I tried 'dir', hoping I would find something. I even tried shutdown just for the fun of it. Little did I know that only 2 more commands separated me from winning. Overall, the game can be improved upon to incorporate more commands, even if they have no actual use in the game, just to make people wear out their brains.

A little hint: After closing the antivirus, you need to hack something, and afterwards transfer something else. Just try whatever comes in your mind, I found what I needed to transfer by mistake.

It feels a bit railroaded

I got as far as some others. stopped the antivirus and gave my self admin but as for trying for find the files I need to....well i don't know how I can i guess...do we have programs to help us with this task like keystroking or maybe a Trojan horse? i tryed to find info on something by locating the trash or maybe trying to pull up tasklist but nothing..im blind with out a directory of some kind and I spent hours trying to find out what batch commands if any would help me out. I know I want to find this guys info and at some point his bank info but really im lost as to how to do it, lol. anyway its a cool game it will teach some people out there a thing or two hell i hope it will teach me something. I just dont like that i can't really do much. for example I cant ADD a new user or Del one or change one to admin I cant ping or run anything(so far) and there is no systeminfo(it would be nice to see what im working with). I do find it funny how easy you make it seem to "hack" someones computer ether we are just lucky hackers to find someone on the net with no restrictions and no password or the admin is just dumb. anyway ill stop typing now. good game tho!

Nothing to do

I got as far as closing the antivirus program but now I can't do anything. I've tried every combination of locate and hack I could imagine but nothing works. I'm not sure what I'm even supposed to be doing right now. A dir command would've been nice to display a list of folders to hack. This game has no direction and it's more than incredibly frustrating trying to figure out what to do.

X6FlashDev responds:

hack ie "insert what you need to hack a guys bank account (starting with a 'P')"

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2009
1:21 PM EDT